When Anne Corbett was scheduled for surgery in July 2010, she planned to return to her home within a week. After a series of complications and several emergency surgeries later, Anne was finally discharged in October. “My hospitalization was really a blur. I knew I needed a lot of help to get back on my feet,” says Anne.

For the next six months, Anne lived with her son Chris and his wife Ceal. Both nurses, they knew the road to recovery would be long and require support and guidance from a team of caring people. “Liberty at Home was a very important part of my mother’s daily routine and recovery. The staff became part of our family and
a great support to mom. They were there every step of the way, encouraging her
and motivating her to be as independent as possible,” says Chris.

Now recovered, Anne is once again living independently because of care provided by Liberty at Home. Chris says, “I can’t thank the Liberty at Home staff enough – they were always caring and responsive anytime mom needed them. The attention they gave her was just unbelievable.” 

An estimated 78 million Americans, or 28% of the population, are Baby Boomers.
In just four years, people who are 50 and older will represent 54% of the total population, and many of them are providing care for an elderly family member.
In 2011, Liberty at Home staff provided 58,037 hours of personal care and support services to an average of 50 patients per day.

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