Artman Lutheran Home is excited to announce that we have been voted the Top Workplace in Philadelphia! Every year, the Philadelphia Inquirer surveys businesses in Philadelphia to determine the Top Workplace rankings. Two years ago, Artman was ranked fourth on the list of mid-sized companies, and improved to number three last year.

In October, the Inquirer distributed surveys to all Artman employees by both mail and email. The surveys are anonymous, and employees were encouraged to be open and honest. To qualify for top workplaces, at least 35 percent of employees had to respond. Fifty-one percent of Artman employees responded, greatly exceeding the benchmark.

“In December I received a call from the Inquirer and heard that we were nominated for a Top Workplace. On January 30th, they called again and told me that we were number one,” said Carol Brown, the Director of Therapeutic Recreation at Artman. “I am so excited. Of course I knew all along that Artman was the number one top workplace.”

“‘Family’ and ‘Special’ are re-occurring words that I hear when people talk about Artman.  I have been here awhile, and it is because I have the opportunity to work with so many special, wonderful people; people that have become family.  When I think of Artman – I smile,” said Janet Lorzenzon, Associate Executive Director of Artman Lutheran Home.

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In this video, Artman employees tell us why Artman Lutheran Home is the Top Workplace in Philadelphia!

Top Workplaces Video


What do you think makes a “Top Workplace?”


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