When Ernie Michel, a resident at Artman Lutheran Home, suffered a minor stroke and was no longer able to drive, he was worried that he would have to give up some of the things that he enjoys. But with the help of Liberty at Home’s transportation services, Ernie is able to maintain his active lifestyle.

Ernie attends Mass every Saturday night, visits his girlfriend in Norristown every Sunday and occasionally goes to the mall to have his watches that he collects repaired. A Korean War veteran, Ernie recently attended a Veterans of Foreign Wars dinner and dance at Presidential Caterers in Norristown.

Ernie has developed a friendship with Mary Abt, who is typically his driver. “I know Mary very well, she’s a great girl,” Ernie said. Ernie has met Mary’s family, and Mary often chats with Ernie and his girlfriend. “She loves Mary too,” he said.

Ernie, who moved to Hatfield in 1966, knows the area very well. “They like me because I can tell them exactly where to go,” he said. “I say, ‘I don’t care what the GPS says, go my way!’”

“I really enjoy my trips,” Ernie said. “Especially with Mary, she is very good, but if I get someone else they are always great too. If Mary isn’t able to take me somewhere someone else will. There is always someone available.”

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