Becoming Center Nutritionist and Liberty Lutheran Employee Wellness Coordinator John Fairchild was honored by the Wellness Council of America (WELCOA) as WELCOA faculty. According to WELCOA, “Faculty designation honors some of the best trained wellness professionals in the country.”

John achieved this honor by participating in numerous classes and trainings offered by WELCOA. “WELCOA is a very respected agency that is known for having the best trainings and working with the some of the best wellness workplaces in the country,” he said. “I’m always taking classes and learning, it’s a great resource.”

WELCOA works with more than 3,000 organizations to help promote health and wellbeing in the workplace. In addition to the resources and training that WELCOA provides, John has the opportunity to network with other organizations to find out what is working for them.

“We want to create a culture where people are aware of their health,” John said. “We want to promote a self care process where people are asking questions and thinking about doing things that are going to benefit them over time. It creates a healthy workforce, and everyone benefits.” Liberty Lutheran is committed to promoting the health and wellness of employees, residents and clients.

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