As they days get longer and temperatures continue to rise, many of us are planning our summer vacations. Although there are many great vacation spots close to home, taking a break can still be challenging for caregivers.

Taking a break can help caregivers relax and prevent “caregiver burnout.” According to WebMD ( caregiver burnout occurs when caregivers don’t get the help that they need, or try to do more than they are physically, emotionally or financially able. Symptoms of caregiver burnout include emotional and physical exhaustion, stress, anxiety, irritability, and depression.

Respite Care provides temporary, short-term relief to those caring for family members who might otherwise require permanent placement in a facility outside the home. This break offers caregivers the necessary time to re-charge their life batteries with the knowledge that their loved one is in a safe and caring environment.

There are several types of Respite Care to choose from:

In–Home Respite Care offers temporary help in the home. This is provided by a trained nursing assistant and can relieve the primary caregiver for a few hours, full days or even weeks at a time. Prior to providing the respite care, the worker will learn about the family routines, medication schedules and the personality and preferences of the older adult. This type of respite care is especially helpful if the care receiver has difficulty adjusting to new situations.

Facility Care has provisions for the care receiver to remain for several days to several weeks. Facilities that provide respite care in Assisted Living and Nursing will be staffed around the clock and emergency care is provided if needed. Socialization and special activities are also offered. Caregivers can plan ahead to tour local facilities with the care receiver and prepare for the necessary requirements for admission.

Day Programs will offer day long supervision, stimulation and socialization for the care receiver. Adult day programs and innovative respite care programs can be found in many communities today. Caregivers feel refreshed and at ease knowing that their loved one has been in an interesting, comfortable environment.

For more information about Respite Care in your area, please call Dana O’Donnell, Director of Liberty at Home 215-643-6496.



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    1. Hi Bob! Both In-home respite care, through Liberty at Home, and respite care at Artman Lutheran Home are available to assist your family at any time! For information about Liberty at Home, contact Christian Murdock at or 215-643-6335 ext 249. For information about respite care at Artman contact Sandy Amaker at or 215-643-6335 ext. 230. I am also going to pass your information on to them.
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