Mary Zollo, a resident at Artman, proudly displays 15 medals from the Senior Olympics in her room. “I moved into Artman in 2003 and I have been in the Senior Olympics ever since,” she said. “I like it because you get to compete. We practice a lot. If you don’t practice you don’t do well, so I practice every couple of days.”

Mary has always been an active individual. She and her husband loved traveling, especially to Hawaii, and they completed many renovations on their Ambler home. Mary also went for a half hour walk every single day. At Artman, Mary has maintained her active lifestyles through a variety of programs provided by Liberty Lifestyles.

“I go to an exercise class every day,” Mary said. “And I walk from one end of the building to the other several times a day just going to and from activities. When it’s nice out I take a walk outside. It’s all for my benefit.”

Mary enjoys attending Friday cocktail hour, but goes for the socializing rather than the cocktails. “I don’t have any cocktails or wine, I just have a diet coke,” she said. Mary is also a competitive bingo player. “I love to play bingo. Anytime they have it, I always go. I didn’t even know what bingo was until I came here, but I tried it, and I love it.”

Liberty Lifestyles offers residents stimulating activities that focus on seven dimensions of wellness: Physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, environmental, social and occupational. “I like I here, there’s a schedule of activities every day,” said Mary.


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