Co-workers of Irv Reynolds, a custodian at Lutheran Children and Family Service (LCFS), say that he is caring, honest, and always goes above and beyond. Irv recently demonstrated this when he helped put a stop to mail theft.

The mail was taken from a local post office mail slot and the evidence was disposed of in the recycling bin behind a nearby LCFS office. It may have gone unnoticed, but Irv saw the letters and became concerned.  He took them inside and showed them to Donna Cohn, domestic adoption supervisor, and they called the police. Irv’s discovery led to the closure of the mail slot and a police investigation.

“If Irv hadn’t noticed the mail in the bin it would have all gone to recycling, and the thief could have continued to steal,” Donna said. “His attention to detail is amazing and he notices everything. He really truly cares about what he does.”

Liberty Lutheran is thankful and proud to have so many world class employees like Irv. “Irv is just an exceptionally good and honest person,” Donna said.

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