By Mary Beth Linde, Director of Health Services, Paul’s Run Retirement Community

September 22nd is National Falls Prevention Awareness day, sponsored by the National Council on Aging. This year’s theme is “Standing Together to Prevent Falls.”

Falls are a growing concern for older Americans, and the number of fall-related injuries and deaths has increased greatly over the past few years. Falls, with or without injury, can seriously impact an older adult’s confidence, and quality of life.

Follow these tips to help keep you or a loved one safe from falls.

  1. Always wear foot wear with grip soles, that are well fitting, and do not have loose ties.
  2. Don’t be afraid to ask for help to get up from a sitting position
  3. When settling into your chair to watch TV or do an activity, ensure that you have all your needed items close by and within reach so you don’t have to get up again to retrieve them
  4. Keep your phone close to you
  5. Keep a nightlight on in the bathroom at night.
  6. Ensure that your walkways in your home are kept uncluttered

For more information visit the Falls Free Initiative website here



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