camp awards 8Hundreds of kids from across the Philadelphia area were given the red carpet treatment as part of the 2013 BOOSTIE Awards! The hallways at George Washington High School in Northeast Philly were decked out with actual red carpet and balloons, with high school students posing as paparazzi, as hundreds of young children smiled wide and strutted into the auditorium.

“It’s been a group effort getting this together,” said Stacy Mac Murray Leonard, BOOST Program Manager.

Lutheran Children and Family Service, a service of Liberty Lutheran, runs the BOOST program, which stands for Best Out of School Time. BOOST operates all-day summer camps for children in elementary school. The program incorporates academic enrichment, activities that promote social and emotional growth, as well as a wide array of recreational activities. BOOST also operates one camp for middle school students, which serves 6th, 7th and 8th grade students. It also offers a summer program to high school students. The theme for this year’s camp was BOOST Goes to Hollywood. In addition to the traditional activities featured at camp like dance, basketball, chess, culinary arts, fashion, and music – young people learned all about what it means to make movies!

“The kids spent the last six week learning about the film industry,” Stacy explained. “Everything from film genres to different roles like cameramen, directors, producers, and costume designers and then the kids created their own films.”

BOOST camp-goers quickly became veterans of the craft. On a Friday in August, all of the kids from the BOOST camps gathered at George Washington High School, where camp organizers honored the young filmmakers with awards for their projects. The show was fashioned after such famed events like the Academy Awards and the Golden Globes.

“We’re awarding the best film, biggest camera hog, best actor, biggest thrill-a-minute, things of that nature,” Stacy said.

Vagif Ganiyev, a student at Loesche Elementary School, took home the Best Actor award.

“I was surprised, oh my God,” Vagif said excitedly.

Sydney Cruz, from Overbrook, was awarded Best Actress. “It was nice having a part in a movie, she said. “I was so happy.”

Even though not everyone took home an award, they all went home with big smiles and an amazing summer camp experience.

“I’m so proud of the staff and the kids, who really went above and beyond,” said Stacy.



Best Actor: Vagif Ganiyev, Loesche

Best Actress: Sydney Cruz, Overbrook

Laughed so much my side hurt – funniest: The Interview, Overbrook

Pass the Kleenex – Saddest: The Ugly Woodpecker, Forrest

Biggest Drama Queen: Brianna Wynder, Anderson

Biggest Drama King: James Johnson, Forrest

Best Movie: Which Shoes do you Choose, Overbrook

Best Action Packed, Thrill a Minute Movie – Ghost Hunters, Finletter

Had me on the Edge of my Seat Award: Help Hillary Help!, Holme

Best Costumes: Frog Goes to Heaven, Loesche

Most Creative Set and Props: The 3 Little Pigs, Anderson Elem.

Excellence in Film Editing and Production: Documentary, Anderson Middle

Biggest Camera Hog: Jaiden Katilas, Forrest

Wow, that’s Different: Summer Scare, Overbrook

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