eSNF (Electronic Skilled Nursing Facility) Patient Care is a virtual house call technology.
eSNF (Electronic Skilled Nursing Facility) Patient Care is a virtual house call technology.

As a leader in senior living services, Liberty has embraced technology to support our commitment to compassionate, quality care and innovation. Within the last year, Paul’s Run Retirement Community and Artman, two of our four senior living communities, have adopted cutting-edge technology to facilitate virtual house calls that permit a physician to see a resident “on demand” in our skilled nursing and rehabilitation neighborhoods.

Partnering with eSNF (Electronic Skilled Nursing Facility) Patient Care, Paul’s Run and Artman have been using this virtual house call technology, or “telemedicine technology” to provide staff, resident and doctor the ability to have a face-to-face “conversation” about a presenting issue of concern and potentially avoid a trip to the hospital. The eSNF services are available for our residents after hours, weekends, and holidays…times when our attending physicians may not be available to see a resident in person.

“No one ever wants to go to the hospital, and for elderly residents this often means spending uncomfortable and intimidating hours in the emergency room,” says Dolores Redner, Director of Health Services at Paul’s Run. “eSNF technology allows residents to remain in their “home,” receive the physician-directed care they need, and continue to be cared for by the staff they know.”

When a nurse identifies a change in the medical condition of a resident during eSNF hours, the nurse will place a phone call to the eSNF physician. After discussing the change with the nurse, the physician might ask to examine the resident. A mobile telemedicine unit is wheeled into the resident’s room and the physician appears on the screen, allowing him or her to talk with, examine and treat the resident.

“Using the eSNF unit has been an exciting experience,” says Jen Mackaman, Unit Manager at Artman, who has had a few opportunities to set up a virtual house call. “We all marvel when the doctor pops up on the screen. It is thrilling to have this technology at our communities. I see it as a win-win for all.”

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Incorporated in 2001 and headquartered in Ambler, Pa., Liberty Lutheran, with locations across Pennsylvania and combined service history of 300 years, faithfully provides vital resources to more than 61,000 individuals and families facing life-changing situations. These individualized services include independent and personal care, skilled nursing, rehabilitation, hospice care, in-home supports, wellness services, children and family services, integration services for immigrants and political refugees and disaster response. Liberty Lutheran’s team of dedicated employees serves individuals and families through their family of services in Pennsylvania, including Artman, Paul’s Run Retirement Community, Liberty at Home, Lutheran Children and Family Services, Lutheran Congregational Services, The Hearth at Drexel (formerly Mary J. Drexel,) and The Village at Penn State.


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