“It’s been like a club to me now,” Fran says. “I have made nice friends here.”
“It’s been like a club to me now,” Fran says. “I have made nice friends here.”

Where did the last 20 years go? That’s the biggest question Fran Conley pondered when we asked her to talk about being one of the first members of The Becoming Center in 1994.

“I was here when the doors opened,” she recalls.

Two decades ago, Fran’s very–health conscious daughter was driving by Artman, Liberty’s senior community in Ambler, she saw the signs for the newly created Becoming Center and urged her mother to join. Fran lived only two blocks away and still does.

“I had had knee transplants and hips replaced,” she says. “I know age really affects the stuff you can do.”

The Becoming Center is Liberty Lutheran‘s health and wellness center for older adults located on the campus of Artman, open to members of the community and Artman residents. For two decades, it has offered personalized, comprehensive, preventive and restorative holistic wellness for active adults seeking to improve their fitness and overall well-being. The Becoming Center offers a variety of services and amenities, including a fully equipped gym, heated pool, yoga and exercise room, as well as private treatment rooms for alternative therapies and massage.

At age 64, Fran had never had a formal exercise regiment or belonged to a fitness center before. She started coming to the Becoming Center after work during the week. 20 years later, at age 84, she commits to coming to the Center three times a week for an hour and a half sessions, riding the stationary bike and spending time in the pool. Working out helped strengthen her body, she says, but her experiences at the Becoming Center have been as much social as they have been physical.

“It’s been like a club to me now,” Fran says. “I have made nice friends here.”

Since she first joined, Fran says she has witnessed the Becoming Center’s growth in size and membership. She appreciates the benefits to her health and the circle of friends she has developed. She considers the Becoming Center a “God-send” in her life.

“I look good,” she says in jest to a friend passing by. “If you don’t stay on your feet, no one’s going to keep you on your feet,” she added.

Thanks for being such a loyal and active member, Fran! Keep up the great work!

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