Our BOOST students certainly shared powerful messages for all generations to consider.
Our BOOST students certainly shared powerful messages for all generations to consider.

CONSIDER THIS: If you could go back in time to your teens – what do you wish that adults knew about yourself and your generation?

Staff with our BOOST (Best Out of School Time) program gave high school students that very opportunity. With nothing but a pen and a piece of paper, they asked students to anonymously finish the following statement:



“To adults over the age of 30, I wish you knew…”


photo(1)Here are excerpts from some of their responses. We think you will be as moved as we were by their honesty.

  • That there is a reason for everything we do. How to love EVERYBODY. How to give and have empathy. How to raise your kids.


  • wish you knew how hard it is being a teenager in Philadelphia in 2014. When literally, your entire world is technology based. Where a simple post on Twitter can ruin your entire life. Where our entire generation is based off of sex. That pregnancy is more of a trend than a blessing. I wish you knew how hard school is. I wish you knew that disorders are starting to become common amongst us. I wish you knew that anxiety is a real thing, and our lives shouldn’t be determined by the choices we make in high school. That one test, or score should determine our future. I wish you knew that I am understanding. Teenagers such as I have emotion and sometimes live by it. We have the stress that adults carry because it is pushed on us. We don’t get to be a kid anymore. We have responsibilities. We don’t know what we want to do out of high school. We are not guided and believe to everything on our own. When in life, we always need guidance. Everything in today’s society is technology based. That we are struggling and need to be guided.


  • That I am very talented but I hide my talents because I have stage fright.


  • I am very good in basketball. How grateful I am. How much I love school.


  • I wish you knew the struggles we youth had to endure. Bullying is a problem that we have to face at least once in our lives. Peer pressure is a lot of handle. We need to have talks about drugs and sex. We need to feel loved so we don’t go looking for it in the wrong place. We need understanding, support, love, guidance, advice. We need to be talked to, not yelled at. … Don’t be afraid to talk to us, and show you care.


  • I wish you knew how to stop nagging a sister…. Also stop with this rap music complaining. Like, you had your music and how we got ours. I’m out! PEACE!


  • I wish you knew that all teenagers are not the same, and that not all of us are bad, sneaky or mischievous. I am a very studious young lady and a strong leader, not a follower. I strive for greatness and never settle for less. I am kind, caring and generous and not a statistic. I love to lend a hand; I’m also a regular blood donor. I don’t like loud obnoxious rap music and smoking weed. I am not your typical teenager.


  • Technology is not as hard as you think it is. Just read the directions that the device tells you to do.


  • I wish you knew… just how insecure teens are concerning their future. Nowadays, there are so many career options to look into, and twice as more interests to uphold and discover…. So many great colleges out there, possible majors and minors to take… and the uncertainly isn’t just with educations and jobs. Where will they live, who will they end up married to, and if they’ll ever have kids are also questions that are asked. Who knows what the future holds?


  • I wish you knew that would like to be a famous singer and also be able to play the piano like Alicia Keys. I wish you knew that I wanted to be a famous actor/actress.


  • I wish you knew my struggle. I wish you knew my pain. I’m tired of being judged based on another man’s image. You don’t know the half of what I go through on a daily. Is it because my skin color or is it because you fear my intelligence? … I wish you knew that my smile is a broken smile. I wish you knew my vision.


  • I wish you knew that it doesn’t matter hold old you are, you can still chase your dreams.


BOOST is a program of Liberty’s Lutheran Children and Family Service
BOOST is a program of Liberty’s Lutheran Children and Family Service

Our BOOST students certainly shared powerful messages for all generations to consider. Thank all of the staff for making a vital difference in the lives of our more than 800 BOOST students.

BOOST is a program of Liberty’s Lutheran Children and Family Service. The goal is to support the growth and development of each child by providing a safe, caring, adult-supervised before and after school environment and to build upon the physical, social, emotional and cognitive skills developed by our children in school. High school students in the BOOST after-school program are guided with college preparation and career exploration. High school students who participated in this writing exercise were involved our BOOST summer camp program, which provides paid summer internships, on-site training and preparation for the workforce.

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