Lillian Silverstein
Lillian Silverstein, is a devoted para-chaplain at Paul’s Run Retirement Community

“What can I say about Paul’s Run? I love it here. I have everything I need and the people are wonderful.”

Lillian Silverstein is a woman of passion, and her passion drives all that she does. For more than ten years, Lillian has volunteered thousands of hours to Paul’s Run Retirement Community in Northeast Philadelphia as a para-chaplain. Her faith and connection to the people here has led her to donate more than just time – she gives financially, too. Her mission is to support the spiritual connection to Jewish practices through the Chapel Fund and to help those less fortunate than her through Paul’s Run’s Fellowship Fund.

Approaching 90 years of age, Lillian is not slowing down. After all, there’s work to be done: Yiddish Club, Shabbat Services (three every Friday,) and serving as a volunteer cashier at the Paul’s Run gift store.

About 11 years ago, Lillian went through the para-chaplain training offered at the Jamison YMCA. At that time, she lived at the Doral condominiums which are located close to Paul’s Run. Lillan knew that Pauls’s Run was a Lutheran affiliated retirement community with a growing Jewish resident population.

“I asked the chaplain here if I could come and volunteer as a para-chaplain and put my new skills to work. At the time, Paul’s Run did not have a Torah,” she says. “The chaplain and I approached the Rabbi of a local synagogue about donating one, and Paul’s Run got its first Torah.”

In May of 2013, after much persuasion from her Paul’s Run friends, she moved in as a resident and continues to serve as a para-chaplain.

“The staff is very accommodating – they even placed a sukkah in the garden for Sukkoth, the only non-Jewish retirement community that had one. For Passover – they served the best Seder – it’s out of this world. And the most exciting thing – Paul’s Run added a Rabbi on staff. How proud I am of Paul’s Run,” she says.

Lillian’s faith brought her here. By sharing her time, talent and treasure, she has blessed Paul’s Run with a thriving Jewish Community. Thank you, Lillian.

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