Artman's resident piano man.
Artman’s resident piano man.

When you hear the song, “My Funny Valentine” does it remind you of a special place in time thinking about a special person? What comes to your mind? When one Artman resident plays it on his Casio keyboard in his apartment he is smiling from ear to ear.

Let us share with you the story of our resident piano man, who enjoys playing one of his favorite songs for residents, friends, loved ones and countless others when they come to visit. James is new to Artman, Liberty’s senior community in Ambler, Montgomery County, but it is a place “he always wanted to live when it came time to move out of his two-story home.”

Like other residents at Artman, James has a few health issues and he is partially blind. At Artman he is able to lead an active life. James goes swimming every day and plays the piano in the lobby during special gatherings. At 89, James is enjoying the next chapter in his life.

Originally from the Roxborough section of Philadelphia, James found a love for music early in life. At 17, he joined the navy and had the opportunity to play with the band. The Master-at-Arms saw a picture of James playing the drums and sent him to the mess hall to listen to band practice.

Well one thing led to another and, James became permanent drummer. He played with the band for all the USO shows. He loves sharing the many fond memories from that time of his life. He enjoyed it so to much that after leaving the Navy, he created a small band and play for different nursing homes in Pennsylvania.

For over 30 years, he was part of a two person group. Along with singer, Maria they played 50-60 shows a year. They played the old familiar songs such as “All The Things You Are” and “Squeeze Me” and much more. James shares, “All the music of my time was so fun to listen and dance to, for people.”

That is why it was so important for James to have his keyboard when he moved into Artman. It is the true meaning of creating all the comforts and pleasures of home.

One of the other most important aspects of our work is our loving and compassionate staff and as James said, “The staff always seems happy and they stay here at Artman, they love working here and you can tell it. It makes me feel happy.”

Please consider making a gift to Artman, your support of our efforts to provide the comforts and pleasures of home to our residents is essential to our future. Our commitment to Benevolent Care ensures that we offer this high-quality care to those Artman residents who have outlived their assets.

Your generosity will help to support our mission and all residents who call Artman, “home.”


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  1. I work out at the gym 3 days a week [most weeks] and about a month ago, as I was leaving, I hear someone playing the baby grand in the lobby, and I mean, really playing all the great old standards. So I said to myself, “Self, you have to find out this cats name.” So I went over and met James, and we talked for awhile. I look forward to seeing and hearing him after every workout. Stand aside, Billy Joel, Artman has its own “Mr. Piano Man”. OBIE

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