Jazmine Jones 2At Liberty Lutheran, our family changes many lives in meaningful and significant ways. But with such a vast array of services it can be difficult to be aware of all the gracious deeds, actions and kindnesses – big and small – that happen each day. So when an individual takes the time to write and tell us about the impact we’ve made on his/her life, it should be shared.

Such is the case with Jazmine Jones, a young mother-to-be who was feeling hopeless before she met Tamara Evans, a very special career coordinator who oversees the Lutheran Children and Family Service (LCFS) Youth Employment Program. This initiative organizes training, credentialing and job placement for under/unemployed youth who live in Montgomery County and have earned a high school diploma or GED.

Jazmine faced a frustrating and fruitless job search – all while the delivery date of her baby was fast approaching. With increased living expenses and motherhood just around the corner, Jazmine was anxious to find gainful employment. Then, thanks to assistance and guidance provided by Tamara, Jazmine’s situation took a turn for the better.

Graduation day.

An ordinary trip to the library turned into a life changing event when Jazmine spotted a flyer about LCFS’s Youth Employment Program. Figuring she had nothing to lose, she called for more information. What happened next? Here is Jazmine’s story, taken from a letter she sent us:

In June, I began my CNA [Certified Nursing Assistant] classes. The classes and training I received were magnificent. On July 17th I graduated from nursing training school and successfully received my certificate. Everyone in the program was so immensely proud of me and my accomplishments. Ms. Tamara never stopped helping me look for jobs and never stopped making sure I had whatever I needed to make my job search easier.


Jazmine front row
The graduating class.

The job I have now at Abington Hospital is Administration and Clerical for Housekeeping and Linen. It is honestly a dream job for me. I cannot thank Ms. Tamara Evans and everyone else enough for the amazing opportunities I have received and I am extremely grateful I walked into the library and picked up the flyer that day.



Jazmine Jones, proud Certified Nursing Assistant

What an incredible outcome! Many thanks Tamara—the support you provided to Jazmine is another shining example of Liberty’s powerful potential to transform people’s lives.

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