Inspiring Today is the latest innovation to grace Artman residents. Developed expressly by senior living experts from Artman and other senior living communities that are also part of the Liberty Lutheran family, Inspiring Today is a philosophy that enriches life for memory impaired residents through six principles:
1. Accentuating resident strengths
2. Creating moments of success for residents
3. Putting residents before tasks
4. Embracing an individualized approach to daily life
5. Joining residents in living in the moment
6. Focusing on today

“Our aim is to create a meaningful daily life for each resident, while nurturing independence and preserving individual spirits,” says Katelyn McKinley, a co-creator of Inspiring Today and the Director of Community Life at Artman.

Inspiring Today is aptly named because a vibrant selection of choices will be available, allowing staff to meaningfully engage with residents in more intimate, joyful experiences throughout the day in areas such as fitness, spiritual expression, civic service, brain games, reminiscing, and creative expression.

Through its profusion of enriching daily activities, Inspiring Today will promote more profoundly meaningful relationships between residents and staff. As Katelyn puts it, “Residents and staff are living life together.”

Your gift to Artman helps to ensure that new approaches to care and service, such as Inspiring Today, continue to be explored and expanded.

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