A special update on Homer, written by Katrina Wise, Executive Director, Paul’s Run.

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“Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.”
— Roger Caras, photographer and writer

Homer, an incredible companion dog, took permanent residence at Paul’s Run in January. With his arrival, I have witnessed an exuberant spirit of joy among residents. He makes everyone feel special and brings out the best in them.
In fact, Homer’s presence has been nothing short of a miracle. Mrs. M., who suffered a severe stroke, is mostly non-responsive these days. However, upon meeting Homer, she grew very lively—a phenomenal and thankful turn of events that no one could have imagined.

When you give to Paul’s Run, you move mountains for residents like Mrs. M. The care and training of this single, remarkable golden Lab is made possible through your donations. For Mrs. M., his presence has triggered her motivation to be who she was before the stroke.

Homer also comforts those who are grieving. When Mrs. O. was on hospice, her family visited her often and frequently requested Homer’s presence. After Mrs. O. passed, Homer was right there to console them. The much appreciated tender loving care he provided earned him a place in Mrs. O.’s “Walk of Honor,” a special parting ceremony for residents who have died.

Indeed, Homer is an inspiration, a soothing companion in times of grief, and also a cherished friend to all. For Mrs. E., he brings back fond memories. “Freckles (her former dog) loved sleeping in my son’s bed. I used to run him out every morning, but he’d be right back on the bed as soon as I left the room. I’m lonesome, so I love Homer’s visits. He reminds me of Freckles and good times from the past.”

Even though he only joined Paul’s Run one month ago, Homer’s presence has become so indispensable that it’s hard to remember what community life was like without him. After two-years of intensive companion dog training, he came to us from Canine Partners for Life. We feel honored and blessed to be his permanent home.

Homer bdayPlease help us celebrate Homer’s contributions to our community by making a gift to Paul’s Run in his honor! Thank you for your kind consideration. Visit PaulsRun.org.


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  1. Thank you Homer for being with our family that day. It was an extremely difficult time. Accompanying us on that final walk was special. We are a family of dog lovers. Especially mom.
    Thank you to Pauls Run for bringing Homer into so many people’s lives at a time when it is greatly needed.

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