Artman senior living community has expanded its workforce—but this is not a typical group of new hires. Instead, the community is celebrating a newly trained cadre of canine companions.
Already a casual extension of the Artman workforce, the staff-owned dogs had been faithfully accompanying their owners to work each day when Executive Director, Janet Lorenzon, found a way to formalize their status so they could become bona fide staff members.
Janet arranged for therapy dog training and last spring several of the dogs earned their certification, as well as the designation of American Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen.

Meet Our American Kennel Club Good Citizens

Lucy (nickname Lulu)
Breed: Welsh Corgi
Age: 7.5 years
Partner: Jenn Conway, Community Life Supervisor
Favorite Treat: Anything—but she loves peanut butter!
Work Schedule: One or two days each week.
Interesting Fact: Lucy was rescued from North Carolina.




Lucy Byrne
Breed: Peek-A-Pom – a cross between a Pomeranian and a Pekingese
Age: 12.5 years
Partner: Madeleine Byrne, Community Life Leader
Favorite Treat: Grain-Free Greenies
Work Schedule: Monday-Friday, 8-4 and some weekends and holidays.
Interesting Fact: When Lucy accompanied Madeleine to college, she thoughtfully figured out how to work a small gumball machine and discovered that if she repeatedly hit the machine with her paws she could make the gumballs dislodge, then lick the color sugar coating off of them and leave the gum on the carpet!


Breed: Cockapoo
Age: 9 years
Partner: Katelyn McKinley, Director of Community Life
Favorite Treat: Anything!
Work schedule: Tuesdays and Thursdays
Interesting fact: Sophie can high five when she feels like it!





Breed: Labrador and Whippet
Age: 11 years
Partner: David Stiklaitis, Community Life Leader
Favorite Treat: Milk-Bone biscuits
Work schedule: Lily accompanies Dave to work everyday.
Interesting fact: Lily hardly ever barks and is a fast runner.

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