A special message from Katrina Wise, Executive Director of Paul’s Run.

Life has much to offer someone in his 90’s. Every day our staff and I witness endearing moments that are brought about by new experiences and remembering treasured memories and life stories.

With your support, you enable us to provide fun, engaging activities that foster new bonds between residents, while also strengthening those of days gone by.

Iris, one of our household coordinators, recently experienced such a moment during a wine and cheese social. She had taken Mort, age 95, to the event. While there, Edith, a resident at Paul’s Run for the past six years, recognized Mort. The amazing part of this story is that Edith and Mort had lost track of one another decades ago.

“I hadn’t seen Mort since I was a young girl,” says Edith. “After I introduced myself I shared how I grew up with his wife. I would see him walking up the street to pick her up for dates. As we talked we shared fond memories, such as the two of them riding in a carriage right after their wedding. He teared up a bit, tears of joy.”

Mort was overjoyed. “When you come to a new community and people recognize you, it makes you feel good,” he says. “Edith remembered my wife, Jeanie, from before we were married. She told me how she teased Jeanie when I picked her up for dates by singing ‘Morty’s here! Morty’s here!’ It made me smile and feel young again.”

Iris recalls, “It was touching to see Edith recognize him. You could tell he was moved by the experience. As Edith was talking to him another resident came up to them and also recognized Mort. Suddenly all these memories were being shared between them. It was great to see.”

Your generosity makes it possible for these experiences to occur. Thanks to you, Paul’s Run goes beyond simply serving as a place for older adults to live. The impact your support makes is seen by our residents’ families every day.

“Paul’s Run has meant a lot for Dad. He appreciates the social interaction and seeing people he knew as a young man,” Mort’s daughter Joan says.  “Following his fall, we knew that he needed a place where he would be comfortable and his care needs would be met. The care and support he receives from such an amazing team of people has been exceptional.”

Mort’s time at Paul’s Run has also forged new bonds, including with those who share their talents to serve our residents on a daily basis. Speaking about Iris, Mort shared, “She’s something, God love her.  She’s a comfort to me, she really is, and I appreciate everything you guys have done for me. Iris makes me feel good every day.”

When you give to Paul’s Run, you support compassionate care, community and time together with friends. Moreover, your generosity strengthens the Fellowship Fund, which helps residents who have outlived their resources. You make it possible for them to continue to enjoy the security, comfort, and friendship that they have come to know at Paul’s Run, a place they proudly call home.

Please make your gift today. Your continued faith and support provides compassionate care that empowers our residents.

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