A special message from Janet Lorenzon, Executive Director of Artman:

According to Audrey Hepburn, “To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.” At Artman, the All Seasons Garden inspires residents, serving as a location for social activities, reflection and relaxation.

For Richard, his work as a landscape architect is like painting a masterpiece.

Richard, a resident of our community, worked as a landscape architect for more than fifty years. He shares what gardens mean to him, “Gardens can move you and make you feel emotion. They have the potential to be sources of such beauty that they take your breath away. Gardens are a source of renewal and joy.”

You can help Artman residents believe in tomorrow by supporting our garden renewal project. In the coming months, Artman will add raised flower beds and create sensory gardens in the All Seasons Garden located in the center of our community. We will also plant new plantings, improve our pond and install additional lights.

Katelyn, Artman’s director of community life, is excited about the new possibilities in resident care these raised beds will provide. “Raised flower beds will increase access to plants for our residents to touch, smell and see. These sensory activities will contribute to their emotional and physical health, while strengthening cognitive wellbeing and memory.”

Now that the weather is nice, residents and family members are out in the garden more, enjoying the sun, the beauty of the blooms, and the buzz of activity from the creatures who live there, including a mother duck and her ten ducklings. It brings such joy to all.

To Richard, gardens are a source of renewal and joy.

“Whether we’re relaxing on the patio or by the pond, or admiring the garden from  inside, the residents get so much out of it,” Richard says. “New plants will help its beauty last, and the addition of lights will help us enjoy the garden for longer periods of time.”

“Garden design is a true art form for Dad,” Gina, Richard’s daughter shares. “He dedicated a lot of his life to creating beautiful spaces with meticulous consideration for each plant and what it added. For him it was like composing a symphony or painting a masterpiece. I know Artman’s outdoor space means a lot to Dad and his friends at the community.” 

By making a gift today, you rejuvenate and enrich a valuable source of hope and enjoyment, while adding features that directly contribute to our residents’ care. You make all the difference.


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