By Sandy Smith, Development Associate for Liberty Lutheran

Coffee, hot chocolate and pastries bring a sparkle to the residents’ eyes and smiles to their faces while at Artman’s Inspiration Café! These hot beverages aren’t the only explanation behind the smiles. But it is the exchange of kindness and attentiveness shown throughout their conversations which displays how much the residents care about each other.

Much concern is taken with the placement of the residents around the tables.  Walkers and chairs are put off to the side to make room for the wheelchairs. There is an unexpressed knowledge which you quickly notice that no one shall drink their coffee alone.

The café opens right after Tuesday’s mass and that’s when the orders start pouring in.  Residents watch as I use the coffee maker to make one cup of Joe after another interchanged with a few hot chocolates and a stand-alone cappuccino.   I find myself refilling the water tank repeatedly to keep the orders fulfilled. And before I know it, everyone has a cup of something in front of them.

Mary Cassidy, CTRS, household coordinator for Artman’s Penllyn community shares, “The residents love coming to the café. It gives them a chance to socialize with residents from other households and to enjoy an afternoon coffee and treat. The residents have come to know that the café will be open Tuesday afternoons and frequently talk about going to the café leading up to the scheduled time.”

As the Café’s Tuesday barista, I absolutely enjoy the hustle and bustle that comes with preparing the beverages. Artman’s Inspiration Café resembles the show, “Cheers” where everyone knows my name and I know their drink of choice.

For convenience, the Café offers a ‘drive through’ service where residents can take their beverages to go for themselves or for friends who aren’t feeling well enough to leave their room.

The café offers the opportunity to foster new bonds and share treasured memories and life stories with old and new acquaintances.  During my time spent making coffee, I have overheard some heartwarming sentiments such as, “The last time I had a cup of coffee was in WW II.  I must have liked it then, but I don’t like it now.” And, “Sitting here reminds me of being in my parents’ bakery when I was a little girl.”

Established in 2017, the Inspiration Café has become the place to be. So, next time you happen to be at Artman on a Tuesday afternoon or here for Sunday’s mass, make a plan to visit this aroma filled coffee nook. You will find yourself enthralled with the charm of the Inspiration Café!




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