In every Liberty Lutheran community, conversations between residents and staff often reveal hidden gems of past virtuosity, or even current talents. There are thousands of stories to tell and share with the world.

One such story is that of Marion Stein. At 102, Marion is the poet of Paul’s Run. When Patty, director of advancement for Liberty Lutheran, heard about Marion’s talent for writing poetry, she knew Marion’s story needed to be told. Action News, from 6 ABC, interviewed Marion in her apartment where she shared her original poems and artwork. You can watch the interview here.


Some stories involve multiple members of the community and outside guests. When the Phillie Phanatic was paying a visit to the Artman Men’s Group, Henry, personal care administrator, made sure to document the moment through photos that later appeared in the print and online editions of The Ambler Gazette.




Jenna, a member of the Paul’s Run community life team, had a conversation with then-new resident Fred about his past as a way to make him comfortable in his new home. Through the conversation, she found out that Fred had played for one season with the Philadelphia Eagles in 1941. With the Eagles just days away from their historic Super Bowl win, Fred shared his prediction of an Eagles’ victory with the world. NBC 10 even did a live broadcast at Paul’s Run where Fred was honored by the Eagles front office during a pep rally. You can watch the pep rally and interview here. The NFL even caught wind of Fred’s story and shared it with football fans around the globe.


At the West Philadelphia Senior Community Center, staff noticed how member Jessie Howard transformed herself by using the community’s fitness center. All told, Jessie lost over 130 pounds through her workouts. Finding inspiration in her story, Action News met Jessie and personal trainer Daniel to capture her workout and tell her story. You can watch Jessie’s Art of Aging segment here.


These are just a small sample of the delightful narratives found throughout Liberty. When one resident shares his or her story with the world, a sense of pride rises in each community. Seeing friends and neighbors featured on television, web and in print brings the community together in celebration for the achievements of their peers. And while every story may not get the spotlight it deserves, the sharing of stories between friends, members, family and staff will continue to inspire even if those stories do not reach beyond the walls of the community.

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