A special message from Katrina Wise, Executive Director of Paul’s Run.

What comes to mind when you hear the phrase living life to the fullest? For our residents, it’s having fun, spending time with family and friends, sharing and giving to others, overcoming challenges, and finding meaning and purpose in everyday activities.

When you give to Paul’s Run, you open a world of possibilities so that living life to the fullest isn’t just a phrase, it’s a way of life. Your kind generosity transforms lives through our Community Life Program.

Our Community Service Club gathers weekly to help those in need. One week they’re cooking a meal for a local women’s shelter, the next week they’re making sandwiches to feed the homeless. This summer they attended Camp Noah in Reading, PA to help children traumatized by the loss and devastation of Hurricane Maria. They enjoy making a difference in the lives of other.

This past spring, our Wii Bowling Club experienced the joy of victory as they were crowned champions of Northeast Philadelphia within a virtual bowling competition for older adults. This well-earned achievement is a point of pride, thanks to their hard work and dedication.

Your gift to Paul’s Run inspires residents and nurtures creativity. You foster an environment that highlights the lives of those who call Paul’s Run home.

At 102, Marion shares her poetry with friends and neighbors throughout our community. Always cheerful and positive, she greets everyone she meets with a warm smile. She became a celebrity this summer when 6ABC Action News featured Marion on their “Art of Aging” series.

For Marion, living life to the fullest is about enjoying every day at Paul’s Run. Her words ring true in this poem she calls “Enjoy Today.”

Let us not plan for tomorrow what we can enjoy today,
For time does not wait for us.
And like a clock the minutes tick away into another day,
The happiness which we could have enjoyed today,
But if postponed for tomorrow, might never come our way.
By Marion Stein

Thank you for bringing joy and fulfillment to our residents through diverse programs and activities offered by our Community Life team. Please make your gift now to support programs and services that help residents enjoy today.

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