A special message from Janet Lorenzon, Executive Director of Artman:

Do certain songs take you back in time to special moments in your life?

It is undeniable that our hearts and minds are enriched by songs we hear. Its power to evoke emotion, nourish our spirits, and awaken memories is without end. At Artman, we see that power every day.

You can bring the gift of music to our residents. Let me show you how the power of music makes a difference by sharing Irene’s story.

In a recent music therapy session, Irene listened to a song that she remembered from her past. That simple act helped her recall the address of a former home. With the help of Google maps, the staff at Artman was able to find the house. When Irene saw images of the home, heartfelt memories came to mind of her children growing up – all from a single song.

In her words…

“It’s been a long time since I could remember a song and hum it. It brings me so much joy. The music program is the best thing Artman could have added to my agenda.

The music has helped me remember dancing with my husband in our home, and how we fell in love during the war. The songs have helped me remember recent things, and brought back a lot of special memories.

Music is everything. Memories are dear things. You have to hold onto them; and at 95, I’m so happy to have mine and I’m glad to have the music.”

When you give to Artman, you . With your support, Artman offers innovative and therapeutic programs like Music Therapy.

The relationship between music and wellbeing is clear. Its therapeutic nature strengthens emotional, physical, and cognitive health. Activities such as singing, playing instruments, and even just listening to music, provide rewarding experiences. Our music therapist is specially trained to develop activities shaped around each resident’s individual life experiences.

Please make your gift today to awaken memories and create positive experiences for our residents. As Irene says, memories are dear things.

Yours truly,
Janet Lorenzon
Executive Director

P.S. Music awakens fond memories for Artman residents.

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