Do you feel like the end of the year is flying by? Welcome to Throwback Thursday, as we take you back a week to Halloween:

Enter into Artman’s Haunted House. Walk through the black tunnel, as hands reach out from the walls and try to grab you. You emerge into a living room that at first glance seems somewhat normal except for the creepy pictures on the walls. Wait, who’s that creepy dude watching TV? And is Poltergeist playing or is the TV haunted?

You hurry down what can only be described as spider alley, fighting the cobwebs and avoiding the giant spider lurking from the ceiling. You stumble upon bars (a prison?), and realize that Santa is being held captive. You hear a scream and turn toward the sound to see a head on a platter served with a side of Santa’s elves.

You run to the next room and there’s a party going on, a party of skeletons drinking who knows what. You think you see the exit, but it’s too foggy to know for sure. You’ll have to brave the graveyard and the ghouls to find out.

Ah, you’re outside and the horror is over. Or is it? The band members playing music are Zombies. The food being served is: Frankenstein’s brain filled with worms (well, maybe it’s chocolate mousse with gummy worms); one-eyed Rice Krispy treats; witch lady fingers; pumpkin patch cupcakes; and apple cider.

You’re laughing and enjoying the beautiful weather and comradery of friends. And you’re ready to go through it again, because you had a blast.

Thanks to all the residents, family members and staff who volunteered their time to make this year’s haunted house a smashing success.

    • Residents who made the giant spider and other props as well as those who dressed up for the occasion (and the few who joined in as characters)
    • Alex’s son Simeon who helped create the prison
    • LaSalle High School students for creating the graveyard and exit
    • Staff for the phenomenal job of pulling it altogether: JJ, Madeleine, the FISH committee and Community Life for your leadership; Dining for the fabulous food; music therapist interns for the great music; Meriluz and Sarah for the grand entrance; Mary Ann for donating a lot of the decorations; maintenance for set design, set up and breakdown; and of course our the many wonderful staff and participants who joined as actors to bring characters to life.


Plans are already underway for next year. Artman’s plan is to make the haunted house bigger and better, and to open it up to families in our surrounding community.

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