Paul's Run Mosaic Project

Paul’s Run is filled with friendly faces who celebrate the beauty of life and community every day. Beginning this summer, residents, families and staff will bridge friendships across all levels of care as they work together on a new and exciting mosaic art project.

Working with professional artist, Pat Gallagher, the mosaic will be displayed for all to admire in Little Mary’s Azalea Garden, a popular gathering spot for Paul’s Run staff, residents, and their families. Made of items lovingly donated by the people of Paul’s Run community as well as materials provided by the artist, this beautiful work of art will celebrate the one quality that brings everyone at Paul’s Run together: UNITY. Your support means that the bonds formed throughout the Paul’s Run community are never broken.

Paul’s Run has opened my eyes and my heart to the gifts of others.

–Sister Amédeé Maxwell, resident at Paul’s Run
Paul's Run Mosaic Project
Sister Amédeé and friends at Paul’s Run express their creativity in a mosaic-making class

The theme of the mosaic celebrates friendship, diversity, and unity, three things commonly seen throughout Paul’s Run. This theme holds a special meaning for three friends in particular who reside in different neighborhoods within the community, and all three of them are thrilled to take part in this exciting, new project.

Celebrating Unity with Everlasting Friendships at Paul’s Run

When you spend time with Sister Carole Eden, Sister Amédeé Maxwell, and Sister Marie Kinsella, you can see their special connection. Their shared smiles and laughter are perfect pictures of their wonderful bond, and it’s clear their friendship has a unique history.

Paul's Run Mosaic Project
(Left to Right) Sister Carole, Sister Amédeé, and Sister Marie sharing smiles in the library at Paul’s Run

While they knew each other prior to living at Paul’s Run, the strength of their friendship and the connections they’ve made with other residents since moving in have filled them with more happiness and hope than they could ever imagine. Sister Carole will be the first to tell you of how accepted she felt upon her arrival, and how happy it made her feel to meet so many new, friendly faces.

A whole new world has opened up to us with all our brothers and sisters from so many different religions. Being able to share time and form memories with them is really wonderful.

As a resident in the independent living neighborhood, Sister Carole appreciates the variety of activities she has to choose from that include residents from all levels of care. “That’s really how we get to know each other,” she observes.

Sister Carole is a familiar face throughout Paul’s Run. Among her many activities, she’s an active member of Resident Council, volunteer at the general store, model in the Paul’s Run fashion show, and enthusiastic learner of Thai Chi. It’s no surprise that Sister Carole is excited to take part in this new mosaic project that represents what she loves most about her community at Paul’s Run: friendship, diversity, and unity.

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Also excited to participate in the making of this masterpiece is Sister Amédeé and Sister Marie. Although the sisters live in different neighborhoods, they all share similar feelings on friendship and acceptance at Paul’s Run.

I think there’s a real unity here. That’s one thing I felt when I first walked through the door,

Paul's Run Mosaic Project
Artist, Pat, teaching residents at Paul’s Run how to make mosaic works of art

says Sister Amédeé. She is amazed by the friendships she’s formed with the people here. “Paul’s Run has opened my eyes, my heart, and my mind to see the gifts of others. There is a real unity here.”

When Sister Marie talks about her time at Paul’s Run, she says it’s one of her favorite places. “I learn something new here every day. I’ve never lived in a place so wonderful.” 

When you give to Paul’s Run you support so many meaningful friendships formed between residents, family, and staff throughout the community.

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Your kind-hearted support helps bring the people of Paul’s Run together.

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