From the very first day that my parents moved to Paul’s Run, they absolutely loved it. They’re so active and happy now, and I love seeing them happy. All around, Paul’s Run is the best thing that could’ve ever happened to them.

–Wendy Keller, daughter of residents at Paul’s Run

Parents provide their children with care and guidance that secures their future and fills their lives with purpose and joy. As time passes, and monumental moments become cherished memories, the roles between parent and child often change. For adult children, these changes can become incredibly difficult to navigate as the parents who once provided them with care, need help for themselves in return.

When Wendy Keller, daughter of Beverly and Stan Friedman, suggested her parents move to the vibrant retirement community at Paul’s Run, a daughter’s caring suggestion became the decision that gave her parents a world of new friendships, activities, and joy.

A retirement community filled with family history, Paul’s Run has been home to not just one generation of Wendy and Beverly’s family, but two.

Beverly spending time with friends at Paul’s Run annual picnic

I used to visit my mother at Paul’s Run at least four times each week. She absolutely loved it here.

–Beverly Friedman, resident at Paul’s Run

Beverly’s mother lived at Paul’s Run from 2005 to 2011. “She made so many friends. She would play cards with them almost every night,” Beverly recalls.

“Even when my mother got older, around the time when she was 102, she still loved spending time with the people she met. She couldn’t really hear what they were saying,” Beverly laughs, “but she would smile with them and really enjoyed being around friends.”

After her mother passed away in 2011, Beverly was so appreciative of the compassionate care and joy Paul’s Run retirement community brought to her mother’s life. As time passed, and Beverly and her husband began experiencing health challenges of their own, their daughter, Wendy, reminded them of the wonderful care Paul’s Run provided for her grandmother years ago.

Paul’s Run: Providing generations of family with compassionate care

“My parents and I are very close,” Wendy says. When Wendy noticed her parents becoming less and less active, she grew concerned. “My dad would sit in the house watching TV for nine, sometimes ten hours a day and he would get blood clots because of it. I knew moving to Paul’s Run would be good for them because they would be more active both physically and mentally.”

While Wendy says that at first her parents were hesitant to her suggestion, once they moved in they immediately fell in love with their new home.

“They are both up and out of their apartment doing different activities all day long,” Wendy says describing her parent’s active lifestyle. “My dad is walking much faster than he ever could before. His legs are stronger,” she says about her father’s improving health. Replacing nine hours of watching television each day with getting out and trying new things, Stan’s new-found strength and energy have brought a vibrancy and excitement to his life.

With a similar experience to her husband, Paul’s Run retirement community has motivated Beverly to be more active as well. Never scheduling any appointments during her exercise time, Beverly says she’s proud that since moving to Paul’s Run she exercises every day.

A smile that never fades…

Benefiting both her parent’s physical and mental health, Wendy notices the way Paul’s Run has filled her parents lives with enthusiasm and joy. “My dad who was never really a social person, is always talking to people and smiling.” Beverly agrees as she says her husband’s smile never leaves his face. “I say to him, ‘you’re always smiling now!’ Beverly laughs.

It has been a total turn-around for my parents. The physical and mental benefits have given them a whole new lease on life.

–Wendy Keller, daughter of residents at Paul’s Run

Participating in new activities every day, Beverly and Stan have very busy schedules. “They’re always so involved in everything going on,” Wendy says. “A week ago I went to a sing-along and they got up on stage and sang together. I got the whole thing on video,” Wendy says.

The way Beverly enjoyed seeing her mother exude happiness while living at Paul’s Run years ago, is exactly how Wendy feels when she visits her parents living there today. And her entire family feels the same. With children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren who all love seeing Beverly and Stan happy and healthy in their new home, Paul’s Run has benefited the lives of their family in immeasurable ways.

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