Surviving a stroke can be a life-changing event not only for the person who journeys through recovery, but for the family and loved ones who walk through recovery with them. For Christina Victor and the team of staff at Paul’s Run Rehabilitation, every patient’s journey is one full of hope. Christina is sharing her professional experience and knowledge about stroke prevention and recovery to help individuals reduce their risk factors and lead happy, healthy lives.

We always remain hopeful for our patients’ recovery and we encourage their families to remain hopeful too.

Christina Victor, lead registered nurse assessment coordinator at Paul’s Run

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Signs of a stroke:

  • Your face, arm, or leg suddenly becomes numb, especially if it occurs on just one side of your body
  • You suddenly become confused or have trouble speaking and understanding speech
  • You can’t see in one or both eyes
  • You suddenly become dizzy, or lose your balance and coordination
  • You have a sudden and severe headache with no known cause

Stroke prevention: What you can do

According to the Centers for Disease and Control Prevention (CDC), each year approximately 795,000 Americans have a stroke, which also makes it the most common cause of adult disability in the U.S.

Christina says that while there are certain risk factors for strokes that are out of your control like age and gender (the risk for stroke doubles with each decade from ages 55 to 85), there are plenty of factors you can control to reduce your risk.

  • Eat a healthy diet: Avoid foods high in sodium and saturated fats. Eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, and lean protein
  • Exercise regularly and maintain your physical activity
  • Do NOT smoke
  • Monitor your blood pressure (especially if it’s high)
  • Consult your doctor to understand your risk factors

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Staff at Paul’s Run: Helping Patients and Families

As Lead Assessment Coordinator at Paul’s Run Rehabilitation, Christina helps patients progress to the next level of recovery in the safest way possible, while working closely with her team of nurses, therapists, spiritual leaders, and even community life coordinators who plan activities for residents on a daily basis.

At Paul’s Run, residents and staff celebrate life with positivity each day

“When I say stroke recovery is a team effort, I mean it is a full team effort,” Christina says describing each member of Paul’s Run staff doing everything they can to give back residents their independence so they can live each day with joy and dignity.

Christina says the effects of strokes on patients depend on what part of the brain their stroke occurs. “The stroke could affect only one side of their body, whether they experience weakness in one arm or leg, or it could affect their ability to speak and process or understand words.”

While the effects of strokes among patients can vary from minor to severe, the one thing that remains consistent for Christina and her entire team of staff at Paul’s Run is hope. “Never say never,” she says with a light and positive tone in her voice. Never discounting a patient’s recovery, Christina and her entire team of staff at Paul’s Run remain hopeful for patients throughout their entire journey of stroke recovery.

Residents at Paul’s Run participate in a Personal Training class

“Sometimes a patient might plateau with their progress and people think there’s not much room for improvement left. Then all of the sudden you hear them either answering a question, or responding and following you with their eyes, and reaching levels they weren’t reaching before,” Christina says reflecting on her experience with patients’ stroke recovery.

We never just say, ‘that’s it.’ We always give patients a true chance and believe in their ability to progress.

For Families and Loved Ones, We Will Always Be There

Over the years of Christina’s experience, she has noticed how the effects of a stroke impact the lives of not just patients, but their families and loved ones. The entire team of staff at Paul’s Run Rehab attempts to support families through stroke recovery with empathy and awareness.

Paul’s Run residents spending time with family at their annual family picnic

“We want to really help them understand what’s going on to the best of our ability. We attempt to be there for them in any way we can because we understand how life-changing a stroke can be for the patient and their family.”  

Constantly offering their support and encouragement, Christina says that the staff at Paul’s Run tells families in stroke recovery to remain hopeful and enjoy what their loved one is giving them right now, each and every day.

The energy here at Paul’s Run is so motivating.

Christina believes the positive energy at Paul’s Run is contagious. With members of her own family living at Paul’s Run throughout the years, she says the vibrant culture of this community is very family-oriented. “It’s an extremely caring and nurturing environment. I think the world of our team of staff. I will continue to refer my own family here because I trust the care that much.”

Supporting loved ones, friends, and neighbors, Christina says what she enjoys most about working in Paul’s Run Rehab is the time she gets to spend with residents and their families. “With the genuine compassion I have for residents, I know as a leader here, I can feel good about making a positive impact. I’ve been a nurse for a long time and it’s great to be a member of the team here.”

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