Carol Marke remembers her mother, Renee, as a strong and independent woman. “Mother with a capital ‘M,’” she calls her. When you ask Carol about her mom, she speaks of her vivacity and her ability to provide for herself and everyone around her. When there came a time that Renee needed someone to care for her in return, Carol knew Liberty Hospice would always be there.

Renee Marke (right), Carol Marke (middle) and friend, Libby, celebrating a Bar Mitzvah at Paul’s Run

Director of Liberty Hospice, Annette Conran explains that each family member processes an end of life journey differently.

Whether it’s a Sesame Street book about grief for children or anticipatory grief support groups for adults, our entire Liberty Hospice team works together to support these families across generations and give them the resources they need no matter where they are. 

Annette Conran, Director of Liberty Hospice

As an only child, whose father passed away when she was only 18, the special mother-daughter connection that Carol and her mother shared made Renee’s end of life journey especially difficult. Liberty Hospice did everything they could to provide care for the mother who always cared for everyone else, and to bring peace to her daughter as well. 

Growing up through the Great Depression, Renee had many responsibilities at home as she took on the role of second mother to her two younger sisters. “She was very bright,” Carol says describing her mother graduating high school early even with her busy life at home. Not long after graduation, Renee landed a job at a local accounting firm, a career she enjoyed working hard at for her entire life.

In her later years, Renee moved to the Independent Living neighborhood at Paul’s Run. “She kept herself very busy,” says Carol admiring her mother’s energy through every stage of life. After being diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, Renee began facing various health challenges. A friend at Paul’s Run told Carol that Liberty Hospice would give her mother the compassionate care she deserved, and as it turned out, she was right.

“During the last two weeks of my mother’s life, the care was amazing,” Carol says remembering Liberty Hospice being there until the very end of this emotional journey.

I was there when my mother passed away. It’s an indescribable experience. Liberty Hospice does everything they can to help the person and their family not suffer.

Carol Marke, daughter of resident at Paul’s Run

Through her later years, Carol and her mother both knew they wanted Renee to stay in the comfort of her own apartment at Paul’s Run. Liberty Hospice did everything they could to provide care for Renee in the place she knew as home, bringing peace to both mother and daughter throughout each of their unique journeys.

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