Artman resident, Nancy Mullarkey, says that if she could go anywhere in the world, she’d go back to school. That’s what she told Community Life Leader and Household Coordinator at Artman, Mary Cassidy.

Wanting to make Nancy’s wish come true, Mary applied to the Wish of a Lifetime Foundation, which grants wishes for older adults so that Nancy could return to Linden Hall Junior College 65 years after her graduation.

Every time we talk about it, she ends up getting emotional and crying a little bit. It was really a special moment for her to be able to come here again.

Mary Cassidy, community life leader and household coordinator at Artman

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Nancy’s yearbook photo from Linden Hall Junior College in 1954

Traveling from Artman’s community in Ambler to Linden Hall’s campus in Lititz, Nancy reunited with her teacher, Pat Sullivan, and two classmates, Joan Sinz and Mary Kilkka. As the group flipped through old yearbooks and reminisced about their days spent at Linden Hall, memories of chasing men at nearby Franklin and Marshall College, and gossiping in the lounge at school, filled the room with laughter.

“We used to raise Cain,” Nancy smiles. “Oh, I loved every minute of it.”

Nancy was joined by a longtime close friend, Carol Renzetti Smith who says returning to Linden Hall was a dream come true for Nancy. “It’s like a dream,” she said. “It is a dream. It’s a miracle. I do believe in miracles, and this has been one for her.”

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