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Residents at Paul’s Run get along like family. That’s what independent living resident, Stan Friedman, says about the friends he eats dinner with every night. “It’s certainly true,” says Stan making it clear that at Paul’s Run friends, families, and neighbors are always there for one another.

Sitting comfortably in the communal dining room of their vibrant retirement community, six residents who have formed an incredible bond, share friendly conversations over their delightful dinners. It is in this setting where it becomes apparent that this group takes their mealtime very seriously as they look forward to each and every minute spent dining with friends.

“We eat together every night,” says Stan smiling at his fellow tablemates. Stan shares a table with his wife, Beverly, and independent living residents Joan Keysser, Marlene Winitz, Rhoda Saitisky, and Millie Frankel (pictured above, around the table from left to right). The table of six was not always quite as large, as they explain that two groups of three joined together to make the enthusiastic bunch that they have now.

Connections from the Past Form Lasting Friendships

“Marlene and I were in the same high school graduation class,” Joan shares excitedly. “I graduated from their high school too, but not that year,” Rhoda adds as Joan laughs thinking about the difference in their years of graduation. While Joan, Marlene, and Rhoda share high school connections with one another, more ties become apparent from across the table.

“Millie and I go to the same synagogue,” Joan says. “And Millie passed down her synagogue presidency to me,” Beverly explains. The various connections that bring this table together are remarkable as the activities of their past unite them once again in the community at Paul’s Run.

Mostly natives of the Philadelphia region, as Stan explains his wife Beverly was actually born in Boston, the group has spent the majority of their lives filled with Philly pride. “I was a police officer here for over 20 years,” Stan says. “And I worked at Philadelphia Community College in Registration,” says Beverly. The couple has been married for 59 years and Beverly says the secret to marriage is showing them who’s boss from the very beginning. She smiles at her husband as Stan laughs back and replies, “There are no bosses here.”  

Beverly is not the first generation of her family to live at Paul’s Run. “I used to love visiting my mother nearly every day when she lived here,” she says reminiscing about visiting her mother at Paul’s Run who lived in the community from 2005 to 2011.

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“We Should’ve Moved Here Sooner!” Maintaining Independence and Staying Active

The tablemates share stories of their families and describe how happy their children are for them, now that they live in this vibrant community. “My children love it here,” says Joan. With numerous activities and events planned on a daily basis, this group of residents is incredibly pleased to be living here too.

“We always say we should’ve moved here sooner!” Stan exclaims describing how active they’ve been since moving in, and how they participate in nearly every activity the community has to offer. “We had solos the other day in the choral concert,” Beverly shares with excitement and pride. “Come on along and listen to the lullaby of Broadway,” she sings a part of the tune she performed previously.

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The table mates smile as they explain that Joan, too, is involved in everything around the community, and she’s very proud of her busy schedule. “I’m a member of the Paul’s Run singers,” she says. “We practice together every week. I also regularly participate in art classes here. I love the class ‘Crafting with Carol.’” Joan also participates in nearly every exercise class at Paul’s Run and enjoys staying active.

“I don’t sing like they do,” Rhoda jokes. “But there’s so much to do here, and you can do as much or as little as you want. Everything in this community helps us to be very independent, which is important for us. Me especially,” she smiles.

Rhoda has lived in her independent living apartment for almost one year and she says that before moving in, her son looked at every retirement community within their radius. “Not one of them compared to the community at Paul’s Run,” she says.  

Paul's Run

The people here are so warm. From the staff to the residents, everyone is very friendly.

Rhoda Saitisky, independent living resident at Paul’s Run

“We all blend in like family,” Stan replies. The group of residents agree as they continue to delight in their favorite cheesecake desserts. As for the group’s plans after dinner, Beverly says they could spend hours just talking by the beautiful fireplace in the lobby, or maybe out on the patio where they love to spend time together outside.

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