Liberty Hospice brings comfort to patients and families through difficult times. Guiding loved ones through a peaceful end of life journey with the utmost dignity and grace, their compassionate team of staff is there when you need them. With Liberty Hospice care, patients are treated like family.

What is hospice care?

Hospice care provides support to patients facing a life-limiting illness. Liberty Hospice honors the wishes of patients and their families to meet a person’s physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. Their philosophy of compassionate care and respect for the dignity of patients is evident in everything that they do.

Liberty Hospice services include:

  • Physicians: The Liberty Hospice Medical Director will work with an individual’s personal physician to develop an individualized plan for pain and symptom management that focuses on a patient’s unique needs
  • Registered Nurse Case Managers: Specially-trained registered nurses provide skilled care for pain and symptom management in addition to education and emotional support
  • Bereavement Specialists: Liberty Hospice Bereavement Specialists are available to provide counseling, memorial services and other ongoing supportive measures to family and friends
  • Spiritual Care Chaplain: Patients and families can depend on Liberty Hospice’s Chaplain to provide spiritual support who can also work with clergies and congregations of choice.   
  • Social Worker: Provide ongoing emotional support and guidance, and assist patients and families with identifying and connecting with community resources.
  • Hospice Aides: Aides are available to assist with personal care needs and light housekeeping.
  • Pet Therapy: Proven to reduce stress and anxiety, pet therapy can help hospice patients with pain tolerance, promote social interaction and boost mood
  • Music and Memory: Therapy that helps patients suffering from cognitive and physical challenges by finding renewed interest in their lives through the gift of their favorite music

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The Most Compassionate Team…Bringing Peace and Comfort to Patients and Families

Compassion is the word that first comes to mind when Annette Conran, director of Liberty Hospice, considers the quality of care her dedicated team of staff provides for patients and their families. “We want to bring them comfort, peace, and acceptance. We care for our patients like they’re family,” she says.

Annette has been the Director of Liberty Hospice since July of 2016, and she says that for families and loved ones, transitioning into hospice care can be a very difficult and sensitive time.

At Liberty Hospice we understand that every patient and their family is different. Our care is individualized. We honor each patient’s unique needs and support them through a peaceful end-of-life journey.

–Annette Conran, director of Liberty Hospice

Annette says that for many families, simply being heard makes a world of difference. “Families know that we are here for them, even if it’s just to listen. We hear them and we hear their needs and we do what we can to help them through that. Whenever they need us, we are there, and we want to be.”

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Support Across Generations

Just as every patient has unique needs, Annette explains that each member of the patient’s family processes this journey differently. Whether a patient’s spouse, sibling, child, grandchild, or even caregiver needs support, Liberty Hospice is by their side.

“Our bereavement assessments for the whole family allow us to see where each individual family member is along this journey and we determine exactly how we can help them wherever they may be,” Annette explains.

For families, hospice care extends beyond the time of their loved one’s passing and continues to support them through the difficult loss left thereafter. Liberty Hospice’s bereavement program provides follow-up support that consists of phone calls, support groups, and personalized letters to families, caregivers, and loved ones.

Liberty Hospice sympathy
Liberty Hospice sends families sympathy cards after their loved one’s passing

“We mail families sympathy cards after their loved one passes. Inside the card, we place a seeded butterfly that says, ‘In Loving Memory.’ They can plant this butterfly and watch the memory of their loved ones grow,” says Annette describing the meaningful ways Liberty Hospice lets families know they truly care.  

Patients Who Know They Are Truly Cared For

Renee Marke and her daughter, Carol

Liberty Hospice Renee and Carol Marke
Carol (left) and her mother, Renee (right), celebrate a bar mitzvah at Paul’s Run

In the last two weeks of my mother’s life, the care was amazing. I was there when she passed away. It’s an indescribable experience. Her hospice nurse, Margie, was there with me too. Liberty Hospice does everything they can to help the person and their family not suffer.

–Carol Marke, daughter of Liberty Hospice patient, Renee Marke

When Liberty Hospice nurses and staff provided compassionate care for Renee Marke at Paul’s Run, they knew her not just as a patient, but as a beloved friend. “They weren’t solely in and out to take my mother’s blood pressure. They cared about her. They would listen to her stories about growing up, and her experiences. They would spend time with my mother and were really interested in who she was.”

Carol and the nurses at Liberty Hospice had a unique way of communicating that she will always hold dear to heart. “We would leave notes for each other in a little notebook in my mother’s apartment. It was really special to read them,” she says.

Having a special method of communication with her mother’s nurses made Carol feel comforted. She felt as though they not only cared for her mother’s health, but they cared about who she was and how they could bring peace and comfort to the ones who loved her most. 

Read more of Carol and her mother’s heart-warming story by clicking here.

Liberty Hospice surrounds your loved ones with comfort and positivity. When you need them, their compassionate care will always be there. Visit their website by clicking here and learn how they can help your family through this sensitive time.

When you support Liberty Hospice, you give patients and their families comfort and peace of mind through difficult times. Click here to visit the Liberty Hospice Giving page and give a gift today.  

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