Paul's Run Retirement Community and Philadelphia police officers

At Paul’s Run, friends, families, and neighbors feel comfort in knowing that they are safe in their community. Enjoying the many fun events and occasions the Philadelphia region has to offer, residents, staff, and families are extremely grateful to local emergency responders and law enforcement officials who serve their city and keep them safe in the place they know as home.

To show their gratitude, Paul’s Run recently hosted a seasonal BBQ for local emergency responders who have made great sacrifices to protect their community. As firefighters and police officers help themselves to delicious cook-out food, they sit beside Paul’s Run residents who thank them for their service.

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“I’ve been a police officer for 16 years,” says Officer William Andrews of Northeast Philadelphia. “And I’ll be doing it for a very long time to come.” Recently moving districts within the last couple of years, Officer Andrews previously served on a high crime task force. “Now I’m here on vacation,” he jokes as he admits that being on a high crime task force was not an easy duty.

Officer Andrews (front) and Officer Gainer (back) enjoy their BBQ at Paul’s Run

I have the opportunity to help those who feel that there is no help to be had. I offer hope to those who are hope-less.

Officer Andrews of Northeast Philadelphia

“I’m surrounded by nice people who really care,” Andrews says as he describes his fellow police officers and leadership. “I could brag about my captain all day,” he smiles. “Captain Ritchie is an awesome guy.”

Officer Andrews decided to become a police officer shortly after September 11th as he says he wanted to keep all of the people in this country safe. From receiving heroism awards alongside news anchor, Rick Williams, to dancing on stage with 21 Pilots, serving in the police force has certainly given Officer Andrews some exciting opportunities, but the greatest opportunity of all has been providing hope for the people of his community.

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Paul’s Run Executive Director, Bill Hines (middle), thanks Captain Ritchie (left) and Officer Strickland (right) for their service to the city of Philadelphia

“I have the opportunity to help those who feel that there is no help to be had. I offer hope to those who are hope-less,” he says proudly. As Andrews sits with his fellow officers and firefighters, he enjoys his BBQ lunch alongside Paul’s Run residents and staff who thank them for their service. “You’re all very brave. You really are. Thank you for your bravery,” says Myra Banin, resident at Paul’s Run, to the Philadelphia police officers sitting across from her.

Paul’s Run is grateful to all of the emergency responders and law enforcement officials who keep the city of Philadelphia safe. It is because of their service that the friends, families, and neighbors of Paul’s Run feel protected and secure in the comfort of home.

Discover what’s happening at Paul’s Run! Explore the many activities, events, and occasions that fill this community with joy and excitement by visiting their website and clicking here.

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