Art, in its many forms, gives the beautiful gift of bringing loved ones and friends together.

This October marked the official unveiling of The Paul’s Run Unity Mosaic, which bridged friendships across all levels of care as residents, families, and staff came together to complete a momentous work of art. Displaying the meaningful connections between friends, families, and neighbors of Paul’s Run, the Unity Mosaic resides in Little Mary’s Azalea Garden for everyone throughout this joyous retirement community to admire.

For Arnie Escourt, a Paul’s Run resident with a knack for creativity, working on the Unity Mosaic was a relaxing way to learn something new and spend time with friends. As mosaic workshops took place throughout the summer, Arnie was one of many residents who attended regularly, ready to contribute his artistic touch and creative flair.

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While he certainly applied his creativity to the making of this mosaic, Arnie is known throughout Paul’s Run for his experience in art of a different medium—his poetry. “You can find my poems in the library,” Arnie smiles humbly. Arnie knows very well how art in its different forms has the remarkable ability to bring people together. After all, he began writing poetry as a way to show admiration for the woman he loved so dearly, his beautiful, late wife, Florence.

Arnie remembers his first date with Florence like it was yesterday, especially meeting her mother, who he says asked plenty of questions. “Her mother had already married off three daughters. So…she interrogated me,” Arnie laughs. “But it was a very pleasant conversation.”

Arnie must’ve made quite the first impression because he says Florence’s mother told her that night, “That’s the guy you’re going to marry.” And eventually, she did. Arnie and Florence celebrated their love together and got married in 1957.

Throughout their years together, Arnie wrote many poems about his wife. “It was a nice way for me to express how I felt about her and the love we shared.”

Love starts with one. Love needs two. Love gets much more when love is true!

an excerpt from one of Arnie’s poems about his late wife, Florence

Arnie’s poetry has always been a way of expressing the beauty in moments both big and small, and the special connections that take place along each of our journeys. Arnie moved to Paul’s Run in February of 2019, and he says that living in the community has given him plenty of material and inspiration for writing.

“I’m always finding new topics to write about,” Arnie remarks, and the newly finished unity mosaic at Paul’s Run was no exception. Arnie compares his love for poetry to the making of this beautiful masterpiece. “Making this mosaic was like poetry,” he says. “You fill in the blank spaces to make something beautiful.”

For Arnie, poetry is a fun challenge that keeps him active. “With poems, you have a project that’s difficult, and there’s no one to complete it but you. So, you sit down and knock it out,” he says. Living at Paul’s Run, Arnie enjoys taking on new challenges and learning new things each and every day. And within this excitement-filled, retirement community, inspiration is waiting around every corner.

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