At Paul’s Run, every hour of the day is happy, and for independent living resident, Myra Banin, Fridays around noon are especially joyful.

Myra adored the hustle and bustle of Center City, Philadelphia when she lived there for over 30 years. As a city native, she liked making daily trips to Reading Terminal Market, where she says she’d meet all kinds of people. When she decided to move to Paul’s Run, one perk among many was her closeness to the city, and her ease in keeping up with the beloved friends she’s made throughout the years at Reading Terminal Market.

Living at Paul’s Run, each Friday morning around 11 am Myra makes a trip from her vibrant retirement community to Reading Terminal where she enjoys happy hour with longtime friends from the local Philadelphia neighborhood.

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“When I lived in the city, I would walk there every day,” Myra says.  “I would just hang out and have my coffee and I got friendly with some of the merchants there,” Myra explains.

“There’s a place called Dinic’s. They have the best pork sandwich in the world. They won an award for it,” she recalls. Myra knows the man who started Dinic’s and has been friendly with him for years. “He retired and his son runs the shop now. After his retirement, we would both meet at Reading Terminal Market on Fridays.”

The owner of Dinic’s isn’t the only friend Myra meets for happy hour. “There’s a store called Iovine Brothers Produce,” Myra says describing the family-owned fruit and vegetable stand in the market.

“There’s seven children. Each one of them helps the other in the market and one of the sons has happy hour with us at a pub called Molly Malloy’s. Molly, the owner of the pub, is the mother of the seven children who run the Iovine produce stand,” Myra explains, tying the many familial connections together.

“One day we were having happy hour and the son said to his mom, ‘Mom, why did you have so many kids?’ and she said, ‘Well, I was on the rhythm system, but your father had no rhythm!’” Myra laughs thinking about her friends from Reading Terminal Market.

With easy access from Paul’s Run to center city, Myra says she simply hops on the bus, takes a train, and she’s there in no time. “It keeps me on my toes and helps me stay busy,” Myra says as she reflects that no matter your age, it’s important to stay active. In fact, she says keeping busy is part of what makes her life so enjoyable.

“After you retire, you don’t know what to do with yourself,” she says, reflecting on her retirement after working 30 years at a local law firm. “One day I was just sitting at home watching TV and my friend called me up and said, ‘What are you doing?’ I told her I was watching TV and she told me she was going to take me to a painting class. I had never really painted before, but I decided I’d go,” Myra explains.

Paul's Run resident painting
One of Myra’s beautiful paintings

As Myra reveals an entire wall displaying beautiful paintings in her spacious apartment at Paul’s Run, she modestly admits that she is quite the artist. “I can’t believe that I can actually do nice paintings. My son wanted to hang them because he thought they were really good, and all of a sudden, I’m an artist!” she exclaims with a humble smile.

Myra’s fun sense of humor has a way of spreading joy to everyone around her. With four children, six grandchildren, and four great-grandchildren who live not too far away, Myra has plenty of family and friends nearby to entertain.

“My daughter lives in Plymouth Meeting,” she says, explaining that her daughter raises chickens and makes them fresh vegetables to eat which she grows from her own garden. “I didn’t say my family was normal, but they are plenty of fun,” Myra laughs.

While Myra explains that getting older certainly has its challenges, she says she tries to be a kind and pleasant person to everyone around her. “I have to live to be 100,” she says. “I’m not finished aggravating my kids yet!” Myra jokes. Myra moved to Paul’s Run just over five months ago, and so far she says her favorite part about living in the community is the food.

“The food here is delicious!” she exclaims. As Myra enjoys meeting and spending time with the friends, families, and neighbors of Paul’s Run, it is clear that her positive outlook on life and enjoyment for each and every day have made her feel right at home.

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