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As the comforting smell of warm potato latkes drifted through the Paul’s Run lobby, one question on everyone’s mind was, “What smells SO good?” As residents and staff inquired more, inching closer and closer to the Greenhouse kitchen, they discovered it was none other than the celebratory occasion of Latkepalooza.

Just one of many seasonal celebrations that happen at Paul’s Run, Latkepalooza had residents, staff, and volunteers ready to delight in a festive snack while enjoying the company of friends, families, and neighbors from their community. With potato latkes hot and fresh off the stove, residents took their seats as lead chef of Latkepalooza, Alla Orlovskaya, served them one of her favorite recipes with a traditional side of applesauce and sour cream.

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Alla is a Community Life Household Coordinator at Paul’s Run who has worked in the community for over 10 years, and while her title doesn’t require her to cook, she greatly enjoyed making latkes for the residents she cherishes at Paul’s Run. “This is a little different than the way I make them at home,” Alla says using her spatula to flip the golden brown patties sizzling in the pan. Alla normally grates the potatoes herself by hand, “much more work,” she laughs.

Traditionally, potato latkes, otherwise known as potato pancakes and commonly eaten for Hanukkah, include ingredients like shredded potatoes, egg, flour, onion, salt and pepper and are combined and pan-fried in oil. A wonderful holiday treat, many residents at Paul’s Run have latke recipes of their own, and Latkepalooza brings back wonderful memories from many years ago.

For resident, Irene Lieberman, who recently moved to the community, potato latkes are a cherished recipe for her and her four children. “I used to make potato latkes for my kids,” Irene says smiling. “They are all very big eaters, but my husband, rest his soul, was the biggest eater of them all,” she laughs. Irene has three sons and one daughter, and as she talks about her memories cooking for them when they were younger, you can tell how much she loves her family.

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Paul's Run Retirement Community Holiday Season

For Paul’s Run resident, Irv, he prefers his potato latke recipes to not include onions. Irv used to enjoy making his onion-free latkes with his wife. “She used to say to me, ‘Irv, it’s potato latke time,” Irv chuckles. As residents shared memories and cherished recipes of their own, they raved about the potato pancakes being served in the Greenhouse kitchen for Latkepalooza.

“How are they?” Alla asks residents sitting down with their mouths full. “I give you five stars,” says Paul’s Run resident, Loretta. “Wonderful! Now I can retire,” Alla jokes. Rabbi Steve, his wife, and Pastor Julie from Paul’s Run were right by Alla’s side, flipping and serving these delightfully fried treats to residents and staff. As Latkepalooza came to a close, residents greatly enjoyed spending time reminiscing with friends, and they left with full stomachs and satisfied appetites.

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  1. Alla is the best. She is caring and enthusiastic towards all residents. What is also wonderful is the time, kindness and understanding she gives to the families of the resident. Thanks Alla
    Family of Ceil Adelman

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