This photo was taken before the COVID-19 pandemic and reflects life within our community.

These are truly unprecedented times not just for residents, staff, and families of Artman, but for families and individuals around the world. To get through this pandemic, Artman is taking extraordinary measures for the safety and protection of residents and staff. Each day, the cost of these measures continues to grow.

For this reason, Artman needs your help. We set up a COVID-19 Response Fund to cover extra expenses including Personal Protective Equipment, additional cleaning services, and support for the challenges facing our frontline staff, such as alternatives for childcare.

The team here at Artman is phenomenal. Working together, we continue to provide opportunities for social interaction and meaningful engagement with residents. Now more than ever, especially with social distancing and isolation, we must be there to support our residents in new and creative ways while keeping everyone in our community safe.

Bringing Light and Happiness to Our Community: Getting Creative with Artman’s New Routine

Residents enjoy continuing one of their favorite activities in a new and safe way with Pager Bingo

Our community is adjusting well to our new routine. While this new norm changes our everyday life for residents and staff, we continue to find ways to bring happiness and light to our community.

  • To continue a favorite activity among residents, we modified Bingo. Pager Bingo involves calling numbers over the loudspeaker. Another favorite is Jeopardy. Everyone is invited to play along. Throughout the community, there’s fun, friendly competition, bringing some normalcy back into everyone’s lives.

  • We celebrated St. Patrick’s Day with residents at a safe distance. As happy hour drinks, Irish potatoes, and fish and chips were served in every household, a friendly Leprechaun visited residents from outside their windows. Celebrating this holiday brought cheer to our community through difficult times.
Artman’s Leprechaun visited residents from outside their windows to wish them a very happy St. Patrick’s Day
  • Our special spirit days like Funky Hat Day continue to spread laughter throughout the community. You’ll find lots of great pictures of this and other fun activities on Artman’s Facebook page.

The smiles, laughter, and light we see and hear throughout Artman demonstrate how we are continuing to find joy even amidst these tough times. While COVID-19 has created a new routine here in the community, Artman’s inspiration, friendships, and joy remain as we all do everything we can to get through this together.

You can help keep residents and staff safe with a gift to Artman today. We know how vitally important it is to stay engaged with our residents. Their health and well-being is our primary concern. Your gift will help cover the cost of the many extra expenses we must incur during these challenging times. 

Please give today to Artman’s COVID-19 Response Fund by clicking here.

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