Kayak through icebergs, fly over an active volcano and ride horseback through a winding canyon. The possibilities are endless when you have access to virtual tours through some of the most stunning national parks across the U.S.

Google Arts and Culture has partnered with the National Parks Service to bring these remarkable landscapes to the comfort of your home. Guided by National Park Rangers, these professionals walk, climb, and fly over outstanding views all while providing insights about what makes these natural beauties so extraordinary.

Kenai Fjords National Park, Alaska

Explore this National Park that spans over 600,000 acres at the foot of Seward, Alaska and resembles a real-life winter wonderland. Featuring beautiful scenery like Exit Glacier and Harding Ice Field, which is one of the four remaining ice fields in the U.S., this National Park is home to a diverse ecosystem.

Join National Park Ranger, Fiona as she guides you through Kenai Fjords. Fiona moved to Alaska from New York City. A quite different landscape than skyscrapers and taxi cabs, in this virtual tour Fiona takes you 30 feet below the surface level of a crevasse in Exit Glacier. She then invites you to kayak through icebergs in Bear Glacier Lagoon. You can even see a 40-ton humpback whale soar out of the water. Expand your horizons and gain access to this virtual tour by clicking here.

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, Hawaii

If you’d like to see Hawaii like never before, take a journey through Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. This land is shaped by the world’s most active volcano and is home to native birds, plants, and insects that you won’t find anywhere else in the world.

Explore the inside of an active volcano with Park Ranger, Andrea, who grew up with this National Park in her backyard. Coming from a family of Park Rangers, Andrea takes you inside Nahuku Lava Tube to the edge of Coastal Cliffs where flowing lava continues to create new land. Then fly over an active lava vent and see lava flowing from above. Access your virtual tour by clicking here.

Carlsbad Caverns National Park, New Mexico

Travel to the Guadalupe Mountains of Southern New Mexico where you’ll find Carlsbad Caverns National Park. Take a journey 750 feet underground with Park Ranger, Pam, as she virtually guides you through this mysterious landscape. Explore one of the largest cave chambers in North America and take an off-trail tour illuminated by headlamp. Then discover incredible cave textures and even gain access to secret rooms in Carlsbad Caverns. Experience your virtual tour with Pam by clicking here.

Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah

Explore a sky-high stone jungle in the American Southwest as you travel through Bryce Canyon National Park. Join Park Ranger, Kevin, as he guides you through one of the earth’s largest collection of rock pillars and invites you to see this marvelous landscape at day and night. View the night sky from Bryce Canyon and see the Milky Way galaxy sweep across the horizon. Then, travel by horseback through one of the canyon’s most strenuous trails.  Listen to sounds of wildlife, and take in this remarkable experience. Click here to access your virtual tour with Kevin.

Dry Tortugas National Park, Florida

Journey through both land and sea as you take a virtual tour of Dry Tortugas National Park. Dive right in and join National Park Service Diver, Curtis, as he swims atop endangered coral reef and leads you through a notorious shipwreck. Then, take a tour of a Civil War era fort, Fort Jefferson, and uncover the history of this engineering marvel that’s home to 400 historic cannons. Access your virtual tour and dive with Curtis by clicking here.

We hope you enjoy virtually touring these remarkable National Parks as you see the U.S. like you’ve never seen it before. Enjoy expanding your horizons as you bring the beauty of these natural landscapes into your very own living room.

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