Discover one of the world’s remarkable scientific and cultural institutions when you explore the American Museum of Natural History from your very own living room. With online exhibits now available virtually through Google Arts and Culture, you can get an inside look at the museum and gain insights from the professionals who have worked there for years.  

Transporting you to another time, you can now marvel at historic creatures like burrowing scorpions, and explore extraordinary discoveries like the largest meteorite on display in any museum throughout the world. The American Museum of Natural History has been bringing people captivating exhibits and scientific collections since their founding in 1869, and now they’re delivering it straight to your living room with virtual exhibits available online.

1. Windows on Nature

The museum is known for its incredible habitat dioramas where artistry and science combine to display historic moments in nature throughout our planet’s existence. View dioramas with life-sized gorillas on mountaintops and lions pouncing for prey. Plus, you can learn how these marvelous creations are made including everything from the process of painting the background to taxidermy specimens and creating clay animal mannequins. This exhibit truly provides a window to nature.

Click here to access the exhibit on Google Arts and Culture.

2. Picturing Science: Museum Scientists and Imaging Technologies

Scientists at the American Museum of Natural History have incredibly unique access to nature and the universe. With sophisticated imaging techniques and tools like scanning electron microscopes and high-powered telescopes, researchers of the museum can do remarkable things like detect evolving supernovas and uncover long-buried ancient villages. Plus you can see skeletons of unique organisms like an armadillo lizard and burrowing scorpion. The possibilities are endless when you have an inside look at the tools and techniques used by the museum’s very own scientists.

Click here to access this virtual exhibit.

3. Special Highlights and Iconic Museum Features

Explore some of the most iconic features from around the museum. These extraordinary highlights include the infamous Titanosaur skeleton, a 563-carat sapphire, and the largest meteorite on display in any museum. With tremendous discoveries from nature like the giant Sequoia tree that grew for over 1,300 years,  and a 94-foot-long, 21,000-pound model of a blue whale, you won’t believe what this museum has to offer.

Click here to access some of the museum’s most incredible features.

We hope you enjoy this wonderful opportunity to explore the American Museum of Natural History like never before. From captivating Xray images to towering tyrannosaurus skeletons, get an inside look at these virtual exhibits and gain insights from the experts, all from the comfort of your very own home.

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