For residents, Al and Jane Butler, moving to The Village at Penn State has been a decision that continues to bring them peace and fulfillment. As they enjoy their retired years together in a community full of friendship and active lifestyles, they look back on their journey to finding The Village, and are so happy with the decision they made.

Raising their family and living in South Jersey for 40 years, the married couple decided to move to the State College area after they retired. “I was in education,” says Jane. Jane was an elementary school principal and later became a superintendent. After her retirement in education she also developed her own consulting business. “We’ve always had very active lives,” she affirms. Al is a retired real estate broker and has had a very fulfilling career as well.

After living in a house with so many responsibilities for several years, Al and Jane contemplated downsizing. “We had so many things to take care of in our house. Mowing the lawn, cleaning, all of those kinds of things. We had so much stuff, and at a certain point, we knew it was necessary to move into a retirement community,” says Al.

A big transition: beginning their search for an active retirement community

The couple admits they had initial reservations in making this important transition. “A move like that is a big decision,” says Jane. “There’s this emotional risk of whether or not we’d enjoy a place after we moved in,” she reflects with honesty. Jane explains that Al was also having difficulties with his health, which was another reason that made it all the more important to consider this move.

Upon searching for a retirement community that was suitable for their lifestyle, Al and Jane considered The Village. The couple had been familiar with the community previously as they have a few friends who’ve lived there for several years. “Our friends would always speak so highly of The Village. They would tell us that the food and dining are outstanding, which is always a big deal. And they’d also talk about the many activities the community has to offer,” Jane explains.

It didn’t take long for Al and Jane to make their big decision. Just three months after touring the community and its luxury apartments, the married couple was moving in.

After seeing the community, it was a very easy decision. A number of things motivated us. We felt so welcomed here. The residents are extremely friendly and inviting. And it was obviously a very safe community.

Jane Butler, resident of The Village at Penn State

Outstanding food, endless activities, fulfilling friendships, and more!

For Al and Jane, there are so many wonderful amenities to living at The Village, they find it hard to choose their favorite. “Firstly, the food here is incredible,” Al says. “And the activities and the community’s relationship to Penn State University, it’s fantastic,” Jane adds. “And the pool, and the many friendships we have, we are just very, very happy here,” she adds again.

The Butlers also greatly enjoy The Village’s transportation program. “Being able to have someone take us places like our doctors’ appointments, that’s a big relief. Those are the types of things we were struggling to do on our own, whether it was because of traffic or parking lots. Now we don’t have to worry about that,” says Jane.

Jane also says that The Village’s on-site doctors and medical services give her and her husband great comfort. “We heard about the tremendous doctors here who you could see quickly if something were to happen. That gives us a lot of peace. I think all of these things came together in this big decision to move here,” Jane explains.  

It is this peace of mind that has made living at The Village so enjoyable for the Butlers even amidst COVID-19. Moving to the community in May, The Village facilitated proper precautions to ensure a safe and healthy move. “We had so much stuff that we gave away. Now that it’s all gone, that anxiety has gone with it,” Jane affirms.

At The Village, our apartment is a place of great peace. When we come in, it is so open. There are places to read, we have an office. I have to say this new home has really given us continual peace. It is a place of peace for both of us.

Al and Jane Butler, residents at The Village

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Free from the worries that once burdened them, the Butlers have enjoyed forming new friendships in this welcoming community. “We’ve gotten to know the people on our floor and we’ll grab a bite to eat with friends at The Bistro. That has been a really fun place to hang out and talk with people,” Jane says. “New friends will invite us out for dinner and we’ll make reservations at new tables. It’s really great,” Al agrees.

Staying connected with family and friends

The Butlers have also enjoyed having family visit them in the many wonderful outdoor settings The Village has to offer, like Palmer Park and the community’s al-fresco dining. “Our grandchildren visit and we’ll eat outside together. My granddaughter loves the ice cream. Every time she comes she says, ‘Ice cream Pop-pop! Ice cream!” Al laughs.

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Maintaining their active retirement lifestyle, the Butlers also enjoy hiking a number of trails that surround The Village and provide them with great exercise and activity. “We found a trail just last week that was maybe two miles through the woods. It was so close to us. We also have so many bike trails around here,” Jane says adding that she and Al ride electric bikes around the hills of State College. “We’re actually off-trail bikers, so just getting on the bike and riding around is really nice because there are so many trails we can get to from The Village.”

Although Al and Jane admit to having their initial reservations, their fulfilling life at The Village has certainly confirmed the success of their big decision. “My wife and I greatly believe that by having this community, we are healthier people physically, emotionally, and socially. And we do believe because of that we will live a longer, healthier life,” Al affirms.

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  1. I so admire Al and Jane. Wonderful vibrant people I’m so glad to hear that they are happy and settled in their new home

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