Residents of Paul’s Run, Marion and Louis D’Allago, are relatively new to this community. Having moved in just over a month ago, it didn’t take long to become familiar with the warm and welcoming spirit of friends, families, and neighbors throughout Paul’s Run. “Right upon our arrival, we felt very welcomed. The residents are friendly and the staff has been so attentive to our needs as we get situated in our new surroundings,” says Marion.

Before moving to Paul’s Run, Marion and Louis lived in their single home in Northeast Philadelphia for the majority of their lives. “Louis and I have been married for 63 years. After getting married, we moved into that house and we stayed there for the next 62,” she recalls.  

Before retiring, Louis worked for the government and Marion worked as a church secretary. After their satisfying careers and raising a family, living in their two story home became quite a challenge, especially in their later years.

“My kids were very concerned that we lived in a two story house by ourselves,” Marion explains. “For the past two years we had discussions about finding a safer place to live,” she says. With safety as her family’s main concern, when Marion fell down the stairs of her two-story home and fractured her hip, the D’Allagos knew it was time to make a change.

Ensuring safety for their family…

“After breaking my hip, I received rehab at Paul’s Run,” Marion recalls. Thrilled with the community’s compassionate care and rehabilitative services, the D’Allagos felt confident in making Paul’s Run their new home. “We’re in our late 80s, and the fact that Paul’s Run has so many levels of care assures us that we can stay together in the same place as we age,” Marion explains.

Comforted that they’ll be together throughout their later years, the D’Allagos were also happy to stay in the Northeast Philadelphia region they’ve known and loved for most of their lives. And needless to say, the D’Allagos children feel great relief that their parents are safe in the company of friends, families, and neighbors at Paul’s Run.

My children’s minds are at ease now that we live here. Living by ourselves in that two story house wasn’t safe for us. They know that at Paul’s Run we are taken care of and that help is here whenever we need it.

Marion D’Allago, resident at Paul’s Run

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With confidence in safety, another aspect that motivated the D’Allagos to move to Paul’s Run was the outstanding service from staff and their dedication to compassionate care. “After having my experience in rehab, the staff was so friendly and caring,” Marion affirms. “Also, with a medical office located in the community and doctors on staff, that was a huge benefit for us,” she explains.

At Paul’s Run, we know that someone is always nearby. The staff here are wonderful and they really care about the residents.

Marion and Louis D’Allago, residents at Paul’s Run

As Marion and Louis settle into their new apartment at Paul’s Run, they’re excited to discover all that the community has to offer. Already enjoying services like housekeeping and five-star meals delivered straight to their apartment, they also look forward to exploring the community’s many activities, like exercise classes, flower arranging, BINGO, and more.

Happy and safe in their new home, Marion wishes they would’ve made the decision to move sooner. “I think others should make the decision to move before they must. You shouldn’t wait until you injure yourself like I did. Make the decision now and avoid hurting yourself at home,” says Marion. Advising others to make the decision of safety, care, and fulfillment, Marion and Louis D’Allago are happy to be residents at Paul’s Run as they begin to discover all that this community has to offer.

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