For residents of The Village at Penn State, Paul and Caroline, retired life in this beautiful community feels like a permanent vacation. Recently moving to the Village just over a month ago, this married couple feels right at home. Close to their family and the university they cherish, for Paul and Caroline this move was a wonderful decision that they’re sure will bring them happiness throughout their retired years.

Paul and Caroline have lived in the State College area for over 20 years and Paul served as head of the Civil Engineering Department at Penn State University. With a Master’s degree in Civil Engineering as well as a PhD from UC Berkeley, he has had professorial experience in states and colleges throughout the country including, New Jersey, Illinois, California, and finally Pennsylvania. “We came to State College in 1997 and this became the place our two daughters know as home,” says Paul.

Finding the Village at Penn State…

After living in their two story home for many years and into their retirement, keeping up with work around the house became quite tiresome. “Anything we wanted involved climbing up a flight of stairs,” Paul says frustrated. “That can be very tiring after a while,” Caroline adds. Hoping to lead a more convenient and worry-free lifestyle, the couple considered moving to a retirement community. “We were first introduced to The Village about four years ago,” Caroline explains. Caroline attended an educational lecture program at The Village where the community’s amenities and its residents made a wonderful first impression.

“When I went to that program I thought to myself, well this would be a really nice place to live,” Caroline affirms. As time passed, Caroline and Paul became more familiar with The Village through residents and delightful meals.

We would come to dinners at The Village and met residents who spoke so highly of the community. We could tell they were very happy to be living here, overjoyed. They made our decision very easy. And we’ve had the same experience.

Caroline P., resident of The Village at Penn State

“They’d tell us about all of the activities and the delicious food and the happy hours,” Paul adds.

Listening to numerous residents rave about the community, Paul and Caroline knew The Village would be the perfect fit for their new home. “The residents are so welcoming here. Everyone is just so friendly,” Caroline reflects. As Paul and Caroline enjoy meeting new people and developing new friendships, the convenience and worry-free lifestyle of living at The Village brings them great peace of mind. “When we tell friends that we live here and have our place cleaned weekly and have all of these delicious meals prepared for us, they say it sounds like we’re on a cruise,” Paul laughs.

The Comfort of Compassionate Care

Living life like a vacation, another main reason Paul and Caroline moved to The Village was the community’s continuum of compassionate care.

The continuum of care here was very important to us. I didn’t want our two daughters to have to take care of us as we age. Our daughters are very happy that we live here in a safe community.

Caroline P., resident of The Village at Penn State

Paul and Caroline have two daughters who live in the region. “One is local and she comes here once or twice a week. She really likes it here. Our other daughter is in Pittsburgh so not too far away,” says Paul. With their family nearby, the couple has also thoroughly enjoyed the support from staff throughout the community. “The staff here are terrific. A+. Everyone from maintenance to housekeeping and more. They’re wonderful,” Caroline says.

As Paul and Caroline become more familiar with The Village at Penn State, their excitement for the future continues to grow. “We’re so happy here already. We knew we would be very comfortable here and that has been our experience. We’re so pleased to live at The Village,” Caroline says.

Discover the joy of a fulfilling retirement! Explore the Village at Penn State when you visit their website by clicking here.

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