With over 30 years of experience in retirement living, Executive Director of Paul’s Run, Bill Hines, says he’s never been a part of a community quite like this.

I will never forget the first time I walked into Paul’s Run. I had never seen a community so engaged with their residents. The vibrancy of the lobby, and the friendliness between residents and staff, I immediately knew this was a place where I wanted to be.

Bill Hines, executive director of Paul’s Run

Beginning his role as Executive Director in the spring of 2019, Bill has an extensive background in retirement living and hospitality that dates back to his adolescence. “I technically started in the hospitality business at age 16,” Bill says. “I began in hospitals and was a dishwasher in the kitchen.” Enjoying different roles throughout the hospital kitchen, Bill decided to pursue a degree in hotel and restaurant management.

After completing his education, Bill began working at a hospitality company that has been a worldwide leader in food and facilities management for over 50 years. “That’s where I really learned a lot about food and dining,” Bill shares. Following nearly a decade of experience, specifically in hospitals, Bill received an opportunity to work for a local retirement community. “When I began my work in retirement living, I really discovered the joy I get in working with older adults,” Bill reflects.

A New-Found Passion

Quickly discovering his new-found passion, Bill gained over three decades of experience in different roles throughout retirement living. He was especially drawn to the operational management of dining, housekeeping, and laundry.

Developing quite an impressive list of skills, Bill eventually received an opportunity to become the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of a family-owned retirement community. Gladly accepting this position, Bill’s experience in food management helped transform the community’s dining program from mediocre to extraordinary. “After about a year of working with their dining team and kitchen, there were zero complaints from residents about food. We made some very large improvements to both dining and housekeeping,” Bill says proudly.

Connections from the past: Finding the Paul’s Run Family

After about five years as COO of this family-owned retirement community, Bill reconnected with a former colleague, the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Liberty Lutheran, John Barnum.

“I worked with John over 20 years ago. We always managed to keep in touch, mainly me picking his brain on all things finance,” Bill reflects. “One day John called me and said there was an open position at Paul’s Run, and he thought I might be a good fit.”

Bill thoroughly remembers coming to Paul’s Run for his interview and seeing the community for the very first time. Needless to say, the community’s first impression did not disappoint him.

The first thing I noticed was the vibrancy of this place. Seeing the residents so engaged and everyone smiling and saying hello to each other. I got in my car after my first interview and said to myself, ‘I really want this job.’

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Bill was thrilled to be offered the position and couldn’t wait to begin working with the friends, families, and neighbors of this community. Working closely with the entire Paul’s Run team, Bill became especially involved in the kitchen. “From the first day I began working at Paul’s Run, I listened very closely to residents’ feedback, especially their comments on food and dining. My goal is to give residents the best dining experience possible every single day.”

Bill brings his dining skills and more to Paul’s Run

Focusing on quality, Bill worked side by side with the Paul’s Run dining team to ensure that each meal both tasted and looked delicious. “We developed elevated menus and made sure the food we were serving was restaurant quality. We wanted to ensure that our recipes are consistent and our presentations of meals are beautifully complete with garnishes. At times, I taste the food myself to make sure it’s the highest quality,” Bill remarks.

Residents at Paul’s Run were thrilled to welcome Bill’s passion for food and dining to the community, especially residents of the Paul’s Run Dining Council. “At resident council meetings we received outstanding feedback for our food and service,” Bill affirms.

Residents aren’t shy about sharing their high regards. “You can’t beat the food here,” says resident, Margaret. “It’s outstanding. Just delicious. It’s better than most restaurants. And if you want any special changes, they’ll do it for you.”

Throughout COVID-19, meals have also been available for delivery and take-out to ensure the safety of residents and team members. “The dining staff goes above and beyond to ensure every meal is the same high-quality and consistency that residents are accustomed to. The menus haven’t changed and the residents have really appreciated that. We still give them the best dining experience possible every day,” Bill affirms.

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Satisfying residents from the kitchen, Bill has also implemented his experience in housekeeping to ensure proper sanitation and cleanliness throughout the community. “We have newly upgraded cleaning equipment here and outstanding infection control,” he explains.

Also a tremendous benefit to residents at Paul’s Run, is the community’s outstanding transportation team. Whether they are driving to the pharmacy to pick up residents’ prescriptions or going to a local bakery to pick up their favorite treats, accessible transportation ensures convenient, worry-free lifestyles throughout residents’ retirement. “We like to take care of these needs for our residents, especially during the pandemic. If it means that they are safe, and makes their life easier, we are happy to do it,” says Bill.

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A professional team of superheroes…

Working collaboratively with departments throughout the community, Bill says the team at Paul’s Run make this community a wonderful place to live and work. “I’m just a cheerleader,” Bill reflects. “I know everyone says the team here is simply the best, and it’s true. We ensure the highest quality of care for our residents.”

While Bill wears many hats in his role as Executive Director, his favorite hat of all is developing relationships with residents and ensuring their happiness every single day.

I have a very special connection with the residents here. I enjoy developing relationships with them and making sure they are heard. Spending time with residents and listening to them talk about their lives is one of the best parts of my day.

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