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Director of Dining at The Manor at York Town, Steve Betts, brings happiness to residents each day with upscale cuisine and five-star quality menus. With over 40 years of experience in food and dining, Steve’s creative genius in the kitchen, alongside his talented culinary team, truly highlight The Manor’s outstanding living experience.

Looking back on his culinary journey, Steve recalls his very first job in a professional kitchen. “I started out in food service when I was just a kid working at The Seafood Shanty” he reflects. “I began as a dishwasher and worked my way up from prep cook, to line cook, and then with the recipe production team in their commissary,” he adds. Steve worked at The Seafood Shanty for 16 years where he gained valuable experience in various positions throughout the kitchen as well as food production and purchasing.

Furthering his career, Steve then became Culinary Manager at Flannigan’s Boat House where he specialized in food and beer pairings. Later, he became Culinary Manager at the Olive Garden where he enjoyed learning all aspects of Italian dining. “While working there, they sent us to Italy to truly immerse ourselves in Italian culture. It was a great experience as I learned the Italian way of life and all about their dishes, flavors, and traditions,” he says.

With valuable restaurant experience, Steve decided to begin working in retirement living as he worked with two different retirement communities for nearly 15 years. In 2019, Steve discovered an opportunity at The Manor and knew this community would be the perfect fit.

Steve’s Culinary Experience with The Manor Begins…

“My first impression of The Manor was that it looked like Buckingham Palace,” Steve affirms. “The community and the landscape is just beautiful, breathtaking,” he adds. Within The Manor’s close-knit community, Steve felt right at home and quickly developed relationships with residents and team members.

At The Manor, we really get to know our residents and team members closely. We develop unique connections and we all have the same goal in mind. We do everything we can to ensure residents’ happiness and satisfaction.

Director of Dining at The Manor at York Town, Steve Betts

As Director of Dining, Steve collaborates with The Manor’s culinary team to satisfy residents with exquisite menus and delicious cuisine. “Our main focus is resident satisfaction. A large part of our role is receiving residents’ feedback and ensuring the highest quality of food and ingredients,” he explains. Sourcing fresh, local ingredients Steve and the culinary team incorporate seasonal produce, meats, and fishes to keep their menus new and exciting.

“Our menus are constantly changing so that we can include the freshest ingredients of the season. And of course, our classic menu items are always available,” Steve refers. “Since the weather is warming up we are adding seasonal menu items like seared ahi tuna, bruschetta chicken, and our delicious bison burger,” he says.

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As Steve finds inspiration in creating innovative menus for a five-star dining experience, he finds great reward in bringing joy to residents with a delicious meal.

What I find most rewarding is seeing residents’ satisfaction and hearing that ‘Wow!’ reaction as their meal comes to the table. Our main goal is to make our residents happy by providing an outstanding dining experience.

And residents agree that The Manor’s food is truly delicious. “The food they serve here was one thing that motivated us to move to this community. It’s just outstanding. You can’t beat it,” says resident, Henry who moved to the Manor with his wife, Garon, in 2020. As Steve and the team continue to satisfy residents with delightful menus, they look forward to introducing new recipes and fresh ingredients that are sure to residents’ favorites.

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