Executive Director of The Hearth at Drexel, Dana O’Donnell, has been ensuring compassionate care for over 20 years. With extensive experience in healthcare, Dana enjoys developing relationships with residents and families and uplifting their health and wellness throughout their later years.

“I’ve always known I wanted to work with older adults. I knew from the very beginning this is what I wanted for my career,” Dana recalls. Achieving just that, upon finishing school and earning her Registered Nursing degree, Dana became a nurse in a continuing care retirement community. After working there for a number of years, Dana decided to enter the non-profit world. Beginning her career with Liberty Lutheran in 2001, Dana admired the organization’s mission to uplift the health and well-being of older adults as their work has impacted more than 10,000 residents, members, and clients throughout their family of services.

Excited to be a part of Liberty’s team, Dana began serving as Director of Nursing at Artman, a member of the Liberty Lutheran family of services. As her career continued, she later joined Liberty at Home in 2008. Serving as a leader in more than one of Liberty’s communities, Dana finally joined The Hearth at Drexel as Executive Director in 2018.  

The Hearth at Drexel: A Close-Knit Community Where Residents and Team Members are Family

Since beginning her work at The Hearth at Drexel, Dana has seen first-hand how the community’s spirit of togetherness between residents and team members continues to impact the lives of those who call this community home.  

At The Hearth, we are family. We have a wonderful team here who support one another. Our residents’ well-being is what matters most to us, and their health and safety comes first in every decision that we make.

Dana O’Donnell, executive director of The Hearth at Drexel

As Executive Director, Dana is responsible for operations of the entire community including assisted living, memory care, and respite care. Collaborating with various departments from maintenance to community life, Dana wears many hats, and developing relationships with residents continues to be one of her favorites.

“I enjoy making a difference in the lives of residents. Seeing their smiles, and bringing them happiness is extremely rewarding for me,” Dana reflects. Ensuring happiness for residents throughout the community, Dana says part of what makes The Hearth so special is their outstanding team members who demonstrate their commitment to compassionate care each and every day.

The Hearth is easy living and they serve wonderful food. It is very well-run and the staff here couldn’t be nicer. They become our friends very quickly. There’s always someone around to help you. 

Resident at The Hearth, Chloe

Where Compassionate Care Meets Luxury

As The Hearth’s team cares for residents like family in assisted living and memory care, residents enjoy a worry-free lifestyle in the community’s luxurious accommodations. “The Hearth is an aging in place community. Residents and their families know that even if the needs of their care increase, we can provide that for them and they can stay in the place they know as home with the caregivers who know and love them,” Dana explains.

Finding comfort in knowing that The Hearth will provide residents’ compassionate care throughout their lifetime, the community’s beautiful amenities and numerous opportunities for engagement are equally enjoyable. Whether residents are participating in jewelry-making classes, listening to professional lectures, or creating their own garden terrariums, The Hearth’s community life staff create programs centered around each residents’ unique interests.

The activities calendar here is jam-packed. It’s really outstanding and there’s lots of variety. If I ever have an idea for a new activity the staff here listens and gets it on the schedule.

Resident at The Hearth at Drexel, Nancy

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Ensuring Safety and Security

At The Hearth residents are comforted by the safety and security of their community. In addition to providing safe and engaging activities, residents feel comfort spending time with friends as they have received their COVID-19 vaccinations and continue to follow guidelines set out by the Centers for Disease Control and Pennsylvania Department of Health.

At The Hearth, safety is extremely important. We truly care about keeping our residents safe and healthy and we go above and beyond to do so.

Executive Director of The Hearth at Drexel, Dana O’Donnell

With certainty in compassionate care, The Hearth’s commitment to ensuring residents’ well-being remains strong. “This isn’t our job. It’s our passion. What I enjoy most about the work that we do is making an impact on our residents’ lives. Listening to their stories, seeing them smile, that’s what motivates me every day,” Dana affirms.

Discover the comfort of compassionate care for you and your loved one! Visit The Hearth’s website by clicking here and explore this luxurious community.

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