“I always come to learn something new, and I have never once left disappointed,” begins Mary McCaw, resident at The Manor at York Town. “The Mensa group encourages me to learn more and ask questions I never knew to ask.”

Over the past several months, residents at The Manor at York Town have been stretching their brains in the Mensa group, a time where participants come together and answer trivia questions on topics ranging from literature and art to science and geography. By working together, the group goes for a better score every week, and take home some new friendships and memories along the way.

Organized by The Manor’s dedicated concierge, Peggy Gaspari, each week offers a new set of fifty questions that residents answer together over approximately an hour and a half. Peggy notes that she gets as much out of the meetings as the participants. “One of the rewards of being a concierge is getting to know the residents’ interests, hobbies, travel experiences and their occupations before they came to The Manor. I am fascinated at the varied professions and the depth of knowledge that the residents have accumulated over the years.”

“The time that we all spend together is so nice,” adds Mary.

In between rounds of trivia there is plenty of jokes and laughter. It gives us the chance to become better friends while doing something good for our minds.

Mary M., resident of The Manor at York Town

Mary is a frequent participant in a number of groups that are offered at The Manor, including Jeopardy, Trivial Pursuit, and more. “They do such a good job with giving us a nice variety of activities that can be done while keeping everyone safe,” says Mary. “I really appreciate how dedicated everyone here has been, and folks like Peggy help to make it fun as well.”

“One of the biggest rewards is when I hear that one of the questions was discussed at dinner with other residents or when someone shares that they did further research on a question,” Peggy concludes.

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