Resident of The Manor at York Town, Carol, has been a member of the community’s water volleyball team for nearly 10 years.

Why do residents love living at The Manor at York Town? There are far too many reasons to only pick one. For resident, Carol, her favorite part about living at The Manor is having plentiful opportunities for fun, engaging exercise, especially water volleyball.

Carol has lived at The Manor for 10 years, and has enjoyed a fulfilling retirement since first moving in. “I used to live by myself on two acres. I had gotten divorced, so it was just me and my dog. A friend of mine lived at The Manor and when I went to see her apartment, I fell in love with the community,” Carol recalls.

The Perfect Place to Enjoy a Fulfilling Retirement

Immediately impressed by The Manor’s luxurious amenities and beautiful surroundings, Carol knew this would be the perfect place to enjoy her retirement. “There are so many benefits of moving to The Manor. Many of our residents enjoy being free from the burdens of homeownership. Here you don’t have to worry about raking the leaves, or mowing the lawn, or shoveling snow because all of that is taken care of for you,” says Director of Sales and Marketing at The Manor, Courtney Gawthrop.

With five-star dining, weekly housekeeping and maintenance services, as well as personalized community life activities, The Manor is certainly a wonderful place to enjoy retirement. For Carol, she enjoys all of these amenities, but her favorite part about living at The Manor is having various opportunities to stay active and live well. “I am a very active person,” Carol explains. “What I enjoy most about the community is being able to keep myself fit. I try to stay as fit as possible,” she adds.

With access to a fully equipped fitness center and pool, Carol certainly takes advantage of The Manor’s personalized fitness programs and exercise classes. “I go to the gym and use the treadmill every morning for 15 minutes, and then I attend the 8 o’clock exercise class, which happens every day,” Carol notes. With a variety of programs offered throughout the day, residents can participate in exercise classes like Strength and Stretch, Balance and Conditioning, private personal training sessions with the community’s Fitness Director and more.

Of all these fitness endeavors, the fitness activity that Carol cherishes most is water volleyball. “I’ve been on the water volleyball team at the Manor for nearly 10 years. Our group consists of seven residents and we play in the pool three times a week. It definitely gets competitive,” Carol laughs.

The Benefits of Water Volleyball

  • Efficient cardio workout
  • Low-impact exercising
  • Can help with effects of arthritis and other joint issues
  • Fun time with friends!

Staying active and maintaining her physical well-being, what Carol truly enjoys about The Manor’s water volleyball team is the camaraderie formed between residents and friends.

Water volleyball is a great way to stay active. You’re continuously jumping and moving and hitting the ball. I enjoy kidding around with fellow residents and the camaraderie that takes place is a lot of fun.

Carol A., resident of The Manor at York Town

There is plenty of camaraderie throughout this community. Whether residents are having fun in water volleyball, playing shuffleboard outside, or enjoying weekly happy hour in the courtyard with friends, there are numerous opportunities for a fulfilling retirement. As for the water volleyball team, they continue to enjoy their friendly competition, and The Manor continues to offer new and exciting exercise programs for residents’ enjoyment.  

Live well and enjoy a fulfilling retirement at The Manor at York Town! Discover more when you visit The Manor’s website by clicking here!

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