The dog days of summer are well upon us. Nothing helps beat the heat more than a cool frozen dessert.

There is a large variety of frozen treats to choose from. What exactly constitutes a frozen dessert? Technically, it is a dessert made by freezing flavored liquids, sometimes with solids added for texture. This month, I will highlight and explain some of the more popular dishes you can enjoy on a hot August day.

Ice cream

Ice cream is easily the most popular variety. Ice cream is a dairy based dessert that contains between 10 – 16% butterfat. The high butterfat and air whipped into it gives that familiar smooth, creamy texture we all love

Frozen custard

This dairy-based frozen dessert that also contains egg yolks for added richness. Less air is incorporated during freezing which creates a rich, dense creamy texture.


I think of ice cream that is a little richer and denser, often flavored with fruit purees

Frozen yogurt

This is a a low-fat alternative to traditional ice cream. Expect a tangy flavor profile!


This frozen dessert has no dairy at all–just sugar, fruit puree, water. A smooth fine texture is the result of churning while freezing.


Granita is a crunchy frozen dessert made with sugar, water, flavoring liquid. Granita’s have a crunchy texture due to large ice crystals that form during the freezing process.

Snow cones

This summertime classic consists of shaved ice flavored with syrup.

Try one style or all while the heat of summer is here. Enjoy!

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