Jen Anderson, Director of Sales & Marketing at Paul’s Run

As the Director of Sales and Marketing at Paul’s Run Retirement Community, in Northeast Philadelphia, Pa, Jen Anderson is a seventeen-year veteran in the field of senior living. She previously worked for sixteen years at another community in the Philadelphia area, first as Activities Director, and then as Director of Sales and Marketing there, prior to learning about the Director of Sales and Marketing opening at Paul’s Run. She was already familiar with the caring and compassionate environment at Paul’s Run due to professional associations that brought her to the community for meetings and events, so she was excited to have the opportunity to apply and be hired for this key role at Paul’s Run.

When asked about how she entered the field of senior living, Jen says, “As a high school student, my grandfather moved to a senior living community, and whenever I went to see him, he was always out participating in resident activities, programs, and outings. He had a better social life than I did, and I was in high school! One day, while waiting to see him, I chatted with the Activities Director where he lived, and learned about her job, as well as I learned about all of the lifestyle advantages and opportunities available to residents moving into senior communities.

Benefits of Living at Paul’s Run Retirement Community

“I realized then that retirement communities offered benefits that outweighed staying at home alone without community support. At Paul’s Run, we offer safety, security, and peace of mind, as well as health and dietary benefits, and additional support services when needed for residents and their families. There are many options to participate in events and activities that residents might not have access to if they were living elsewhere. Here at Paul’s Run, there are clubs and organizations, field trips, delicious culinary experiences, religious services, volunteer opportunities, a library, a fitness center, walking paths, and many activities to pursue, all within the community campus here, so residents don’t have to drive anywhere to have an active social life, or to participate in stimulating events.”

Offering Prospective Residents and Families Reassurance

According to Jen, “When prospective residents first approach us for information, often through referrals or through research online, they are sometimes anxious, overwhelmed or confused by the choices they have before them. I love talking to them and being their resource, for information about the opportunities afforded by living here. Residents don’t have to maintain a home; nor worry about cooking three meals a day.  They don’t have to drive themselves to doctors’ appointments, religious services, cultural or social events. There are many new interesting people to meet and people to help assist them with whatever they may need to get settled into their new residence. We try to make the entire experience easier for new residents- from referring them to Bob the Mover, our partner who assists with downsizing and relocation needs, to settling into their new Independent Living or Personal Care home.

“When I was in high school, I would never have envisioned myself working in Sales and Marketing for a senior living community, but my job is really more about educating prospective residents and their families as to the caring and compassionate community that Paul’s Run provides its residents, and all that it has to offer by way of an enriching lifestyle. We don’t just talk the talk, we walk the walk. What I love best about coming to work is that we really are a family here-the staff, the residents and their families all enjoy close, supportive relationships.”  

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