Life is constantly changing. The path we walk throughout our life’s journey comes with a variety of experiences that create joy, happiness, and exciting new opportunities. Life also presents challenges, especially as we age.  

Your gift to Liberty Lutheran helps people who are going through life changing events. Your support lifts their spirits. When stress, despair, and fear arise, you provide strength, hope, and relief.

You Give Inspiration, Confidence and Purpose

When you think about successful aging, does good health come to mind? Research suggests there’s more to aging well than just health.

Social aptitude, staying engaged and being connected to others rank at the top of the list along with good health.

When you give to Liberty Lutheran, you open a world of possibilities for successful aging. All across our communities, residents and members are adding joy and meaning to their lives.

You give them confidence and courage to improve their health, make new friends, learn something new, give generously to others, and follow their passions. Here are just a few examples:

  • Popular at Paul’s Run, the community service club works on multiple projects to help others. In October, they collected and packaged hygiene items for the homeless.
  • At the Manor at York Town, water volleyball provides a fun workout while forging bonds of friendship.
  • The knitting club at The Hearth enjoys getting together for a beloved hobby, sharing good conversations and making blankets for those who need them most.
  • Residents at Artman enjoy the nostalgia of childhood favorites like the prom and haunted houses.
  • A team of residents at The Village at Penn State operates a community wide recycling program that rivals that of most municipalities.
  • Members at the West Philadelphia Senior Community Center are learning new languages, computer skills and much more by going “back to school”.

Residents and members in our communities continue to be true to themselves, regardless of age. Donors like you ensure that the resources are there to nurture their passions and maintain their dignity regardless of physical limitations.

You Give Strength, Recovery, and Renewal

In late summer of 2021, Hurricane Ida ripped through our state with damaging winds and flooding. People living in poverty continue to struggle, as they are some of the most difficult to place when their homes are destroyed.

Volunteers learned to use a drill and hang dry wall during the skills training workshop for Lutheran Disaster Response.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) provided them temporary housing through local hotels as many searched for a new place to live.

When funding for that program ended this summer, Liberty’s Lutheran Congregational Services helped pay for several families to stay in place as they continued to search for affordable housing.

When you give to Liberty Lutheran, you provide those safety nets for some of the most vulnerable affected by disasters. You also help build and sustain a network of volunteers, ready to clean up and repair homes.

This fall, we held a skills training workshop to expand the number of volunteers equipped to help.

Participants received interactive training on using a drill and a circular saw. They learned the basics of hanging dry wall, putting down flooring, and how to spackle and paint.

By making a gift to Liberty Lutheran, you provide strength, hope and relief to hundreds. You also inspire the volunteers who walk with others down the long road to recovery after a disaster strikes.

Please consider making a gift to Liberty Lutheran today.  

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